Of Word-Jacking and the Birdflu President

It seems very likely that the next US president will encounter the BirdFlu Pandemic in America during the next four years.
Read on.
It is now almost certain that the US of A will sleep walk in to another nightmare lasting at least a further four years.

All because Bill Clinton “did not have sex with that woman”?

How does that take any thing away from one of the most successful women of our time?

What did she do?
I mean, other than not letting any event in her personal or public life bring her down.
what did she do?
I know. She is not black. That must be it.

So America elects another novice who is still waiiting for the President of Canada to speak to him.

Like Bush he will, I am told, have the best people to guide him.  


These “best people” will be guiding the new President through a most crucial time for the world.


At a time when China and Russia are rapidly moving in to a cold war posture, not to mention the problems in Iran in Pakistan (hope he will NOT bomb Pakistan) and in the caves in Afghanistan!

This is hardly the time to take chances.

I had recently written a post about WORD-JACKING by Bush and by Obama.

It has now been turned in to a video on the UTube by some one who apparently can also see through the all pervasive fog of National guilt and political opportunism.

Here it is:

Never thought that after the disasters of the last eight years, I would be supporting a Republican candidate for the post of the next president!

Electing the Bird Flu President USA

It is clear to us all that the next President of the USA is likely to encounter all kinds of serious problems.
–                                                                             –                                                                      –
Many believe that in addition to all the domestic, economic and diplomatic disasters facing the next US Presidet, there could well be an added disaster of the Bird Flu pandemic looming just over the horizon.
–                                                                  –                                                   –
So we have been taking a look at the candidates for the job of the President of America and the way we all feel about them during the election process.
–                                  –
During the last few months one thing has become very clear about the way the Americans elect their President.
–                                                                           –                                                                         –
The US election 08 clearly tells us that in America, no matter how qualified a woman is, she has very little chance of getting the top job, against a man who wants the same job.
–                                                                                 –
It is much more important for the Americans to see how the woman looks, sounds or pleases them in some other way, than it is to see if she is the best qualified for the job.
 –                                                       –
We can all deny this but if we are really honest about it, we would all have to admit this as a fact.
     –                                                                                                     –
It is like getting a male pilot with only one year training to fly a jumbo jet, because he is a man and “he inspires us”, as opposed to a woman who has flown jumbo jets for decades and has weathered all kinds of storms, but “we do not like her”.
–                                                       –                                                                    –
But then that is how George W was elected.
–                                                       –
Was he not the guy you could have a drink with?
–                                                    –
Of course the fact that GW had no idea about running a country, was no problem as he could always “surround himself with the best”!
–            –
We deserve what we get and should not moan about it after the fact.

Iran admits to Bird Flu! Could Homosexuals in Iran be the next revelation?

The world woke up yesterday, to find that Iran was not after all,  immune to the Bird Flu “due to the country’s moral strength”.
“Iran filed with the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) yesterday says the outbreak occurred in Mazandaran, a northern province that fronts on the Caspian Sea.”

The above was an amazing case of no doubt “pure coincident” as this admission of the bird flu outbreak, followed a news item from MEMRI, that was published by the birdflubreakingnews.com !!

The news item from MEMRI reported that the Iranian authorities had prohibited the country’s media from covering the problem of avian flu in Iran.
Iranians have since then accused the MEMRI, of having political motives to report news “to make Iran look bad. “.

I do not know about the political leanings of MEMRI but that was the ONLY source other than the Glorious Iranian Press about what is going on in that darkened country.

birdflubreakingnews has thousands of blogs and bird flu related news items on its site, from every country in the world (even from an imprisoned country like Burma) but almost nothing from Iran!

I have had “unconfirmed reports” about cases of H5N1 for a long time now, but I have not been able to get a confirmed source for such outbreaks.

We would not need MMRI, if only the Iranian Government sources had been able to tell the world, the truth about what is going on in that country.

Is it possible that now the Iranians will also admit to have homosexuals in their distinctly non-pink country?

J M Tom

2008 the year of the Flu Pandemic?

I have been following the H5N1 virus for a while now.
Since the year 2003, the bird flu virus repeatedly seems to appeare out of no where, for no visible reason, mostly in a remote (from the point of view of the west) country in the far east and then, after a short period of local panic, the virus disappears, again for no provable reason.
We have gotten used to this peak-a-boo game, with the deadliest of potential dangers to mankind to such an extent, that there are “journalists” taking bets against the chance of a pandemic-in-our-time.
There are others who think that bird flu is a social network tool and have regular get together shindings and a jolly good knees-up.
This year is different however.
The year started with the H5N1 virus ruling the roost, so to speak, in 10 countries just in the first 15 days of the year!
This time the outbreaks of the virus seem to be spreading much faster over a much wider area.
Portugal, Dominica, Israel, Benin, Vietnam, China, West Bengal in India, Bangladesh and Myanmar have all been hit by outbreaks.
On Wednesday, a fourth swan died of the H5N1 virus in the Abbotsbury reserve in Dorset, southern England.
So can this be the year that the dreaded pandemic visits mankind once again?
With the US Presidential election in full swing, will any one pay attention to what could be a vast shadow creeping silently over all of us?
Come to think of it, did any of the Presidential Candidates mention bird flu in any of the debates?
Is it even politically correct to mention the bird flu virus these days?
I mean would the color of the poultry and the birds (other than the totally white British swans) come into play?

Be careful of what you wish for in Pakistan. You may get your wish!

Adolf Hitler believed in democracy.

Almost through out the time that he ruled them, Hitler had a huge majority of German people backing him up to the hilt.

But then he had sold them a story about how they were a super race, above all others and they had all loved it.

So Hitler was a much loved, democratically elected leader of his people.

(until right at the end of course, when he was loved only by only those who died along with him in that bunker)

The West has this thing about Democracy as the panacea for all the ills of the world and they could not be more wrong.

(What about the Hammas in the Palestinian territories then!)

The ul-Wahhab’s sect of Islam also has a growing majority of Muslims all over the world backing it, because they believe in what they have been told by the Wahhabis.

So a democratic but Wahhabi Fundamentalist Pakistan will follow the Taliban and the al-Quieda in their all-conquering-Jihad around the Globe, until all are part of the same belief.

There is no other choice offered by Wahhabism.

You heard their leader say that from his cave recently.

He said that the solution to all problems for the West was to convert to Islam.

 It is like the “Borg” of the Star Trek.

You assimilate or you die.

And as we know, the Borg do this because they only want to “raise the quality of life” of the species they “assimilate.

So we can either raise the quality of our life, by the assimilation offered to us by the al-Qaeda and the Taliban, or we do not and die. Those are the only two options available to us.


The Borg – Resistance is Futile. 

The IRA terrorists fought the Brits, for their rights, in their country. This is nothing like that in any way what so ever. This is a policy to either convert or kill. There is no negotiation. No compromise.

President Pervez Musharraf

Democracy in Pakistan (or removal of Musharraf) at this time, means either letting  some one like an ex playboy cricket player, turned celebrity son-in-law, turned Islamic politician like Imran Khan, in to power.

Or, allowing the educated-in-the-West (with all corruption charges involving millions of Dollars in secret bank accounts against her recently deleted) Ms. Bhutto to take over Pakistan.

It seems that the West has decided to Let Ms. Bhutto take her turn to rule the country, as they believe that she would be more controllable for them.

Even though she has a large following within her own party, the Pakistan of today is not that of ten years ago and she would be totally out of her depth in that country today.

If Musharraf was hated by the al-Qaeda and the Taliban, then Ms Bhutto will be a deeeeeep red rag to the bull of the Wahhabis and will provide the fundamentalists in Pakistan, all the fodder they need to light up a fire that will not be put out easily.

Imagine if the Taliban (or a political clone of Taliban) was to be officially elected in Pakistan and have control of the Nuclear weapons in that country! 

So please be careful of what you ask for in Pakistan, as you may get you wish!

Pandemic Flu, the True Cost of Cheap Chicken

So we all have a choice.

Keep buying “cheap” factory farmed chickens, turkeys and other un-naturally grown animals (a la Bernard Matthews) and we will get a constant flow of killer viruses coming to get us.


  Bernard Matthews

Or we could buy our food from small farm holdings, using the traditional way of farming.

We may pay a tiny bit more but for that we will not only get healthy food, but also gain great Karma by NOT causing pain and stress to the poor birds and animals during their short lives.

Cheap Factory Farmed Poultry = Bird Flu or worse!


The following article in the journal of the American Medical Association reviews Bird Flu: A Virus of Our Own Hatching, a book by Michael Greger.

Greger, Director of Public Health and Animal Agriculture at the Humane Society of the United States, discusses how human mistreatment of animals has actually backfired, with factory farming making livestock more susceptible to disease.

He explains how modern livestock production facilitates the transmission and evolution of avian influenza and argues convincingly that the right environment for a virus such as H5N1 to thrive now exists.

The message is that pandemics are not born but rather are man-made—and that there is a price to pay for the modern poultry industry, in which fowl are raised in closed, stressful, unhealthy facilities, facilitating mutation and dissemination of the bird flu virus.

Greger writes that “[It] may take a pandemic with a virus like H5N1 before the world realizes the true cost of cheap chicken.”

Greger also discusses other animal pathogens that may become human threats and argues that the environment that caused the emergence of the H5N1 virus can also trigger these transformations.

The Foreword is by Kennedy Shortridge, PhD, credited with discovering the H5N1 virus in Asia.

Here is the article from JAMA:


627- The number of the Flu Pandemic Devil

An influential study has identified the key mutation of the H5N1 influenza virus, needed for it’s efficient replication in the upper respiratory tracts of mice as a mammalian model.

A team of researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison report the identification of a key trigger for the virus to facilitate its easy transmission from person to person.

Mutation of PB2 amino acid 627 could be the trigger for the Flu Pandemic.


As in the case of most of the flu and other viruses, H5N1 originated in China.

The first outbreak in humans caused by the highly pathogenic H5N1 influenza A virus was reported in Hong Kong in 1997, and resulted in the deaths of six of 18 infected people.

This event demonstrated for the first time the direct transmission of a highly pathogenic avian influenza virus from birds to humans with a fatal outcome.

At the end of the year 2003, this virus began to spread widely in poultry in Vietnam, Indonesia, and Thailand and has since spread to over 60 countries around the world.

This has raised serious worldwide concern about their pandemic potential, in the minds of most people who use logic in their thinking.

Of course, not all use logic in their thinking and there are still a few people, who think that the H5N1 is an illusion at best and some kind of a global conspiracy at worst.

The name of “What-Bird-Flu-Fumento” comes to mind here.

But I digress.

Even though efficient human-to-human transmission of this virus has not yet occurred, (other than a few “family clusters” of infection reported over the years) the potential of these viruses to acquire the ability is evident to thinking minds.

However, it was discovered that certain H5N1 viruses isolated from humans that possess human receptor specificity, have still failed to spread efficiently among humans.

Therefore it was thought that an additional amino acid substitutions in viral proteins, other than the receptor-binding the haemmaglutinin HA protein, (which is considered to be a main factor affecting efficient transmission of H5N1 viruses) must be necessary for efficient growth and person-to-person transmission of avian H5N1 influenza virus.,

Now a study has confirmed the above and has identfied defined the contribution of a single Amino acid to the efficient replication of H5N1 influenza viruses in the upper respiratory tracts of mice as a mammalian model.

Writing in the journal Public Library of Science Pathogens, a team of researchers led by virologist Yoshihiro Kawaoka of the UW-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine has identified a single mutation of the Amino Acid at position 627 of the PB2 , which could greatly enhance the virus’ ability to infect the cells of the upper respiratory system in mammals.

Because efficient viral growth in the upper respiratory tract of humans can facilitate virus excretion by coughing and sneezing, a mutation of PB2 amino acid 627, which contributes to efficient growth at this site in a mammal, may be prerequisite for efficient human-to-human transmission. 

As a result of the mutation of the PB2 amino acid 627 the virus could adapt to the upper respiratory system, and be capable of spreading widely, potentially setting the stage for the dreaded global flu pandemic.

Here is the original Research Article, “Growth of H5N1 Influenza A Viruses in the Upper Respiratory Tracts of Mice”  which is available under Open Access: