Of Word-Jacking and the Birdflu President

It seems very likely that the next US president will encounter the BirdFlu Pandemic in America during the next four years.
Read on.
It is now almost certain that the US of A will sleep walk in to another nightmare lasting at least a further four years.

All because Bill Clinton “did not have sex with that woman”?

How does that take any thing away from one of the most successful women of our time?

What did she do?
I mean, other than not letting any event in her personal or public life bring her down.
what did she do?
I know. She is not black. That must be it.

So America elects another novice who is still waiiting for the President of Canada to speak to him.

Like Bush he will, I am told, have the best people to guide him.  


These “best people” will be guiding the new President through a most crucial time for the world.


At a time when China and Russia are rapidly moving in to a cold war posture, not to mention the problems in Iran in Pakistan (hope he will NOT bomb Pakistan) and in the caves in Afghanistan!

This is hardly the time to take chances.

I had recently written a post about WORD-JACKING by Bush and by Obama.

It has now been turned in to a video on the UTube by some one who apparently can also see through the all pervasive fog of National guilt and political opportunism.

Here it is:

Never thought that after the disasters of the last eight years, I would be supporting a Republican candidate for the post of the next president!

Bird-Flu-Free Zones to be set up in Pakistan

Do you remember the time, when there were Smoking and No Smoking sections in all of the flights?
—                                      –                                                                                     –
This meant that of the, ten rows of seats in the Business Class of an aircraft, the first few were Non Smoking and the remaining seats immediately behind those seats, were Smoking seats, or vice verse.
 –                                         –                                                                    –
No body seemed to have mentioned the above arrangement to the smoke from the cigarettes however.
–                                               –                                                                                –
The smoke would naturally waft along the entire section of the business class.
–                                                 –                                                   –
Pakistan is one of the few places on the planet, where smoking is still pretty much allowed in most places.
–                                               –                                                                 –
May be that is why the Government of Pakistan has come up with a brilliant plan to fight the Bird Flu virus in that country.
–    –
The powers that be in Pakistan (not sure if any one knows who they are at this time) have decided that they are to create Bird-flu-Free-Zones in the country.
–                           –
These Bird-Flu-Free -Zones will be areas of Pakistan,  where the Bird Flu virus will be banned.
–                                                   –                                                              –
I guess that means that the rest of Pakistan will be free to have the H5N1 virus roam around at will!
–                                                     –                                                                    –
Exactly how this Moses like separation of natural elements is to be managed is not very clear.
–                                   –                                                       –
However, here are excerpts from a report from The News: 
–                              –                                                 –
The Government of Pakistan is considering setting up ‘bird flu free zones’ and ‘poultry disease free units’ containing all bio-security measures in order to control the avian influenza .
–                              –                                  –
The sources said that all possible steps would be taken at the proposed zones to prevent the virus and diseases.
–                                           –                                                       –                                                     –
The main focus will be on disposal of birds, restriction of wild birds and visitors, disinfection of vehicles, proper vaccination techniques, use of anti-viral spray and maintenance of health environment.
–                                        –                                             –
Moreover, the sources said that there were (currently) no rules and regulations for registration of poultry farms though in the past there was some procedure wherein the Agriculture Development Bank used to grant loans for setting up farms with requirement to produce feasibility report.
–                        –                                  –
However, if the number of birds (at a poultry farm) was 100,000 or over, then a feasibility report as well as induction of a doctor was deemed necessary.
–                             –
Director Poultry Production and Research Sindh (PPRS), Dr Ali Akbar Soomro said that they have trained 16 ‘master trainers’, who have been provided necessary kits to conduct regular surveillance of poultry farms, he told The News.
–                                    –                                                    –                                                    –
Moreover, the institute has set up three laboratories in Karachi, Hyderabad and Sukkur respectively, while seven teams are engaged in creating awareness against the diseases across the province.
–                                        –                                                             –
They are working in 14 districts and do not have staff in the newly-created nine more districts of the province, Soomro said.
However, their areas of concerns are commercial layer farms, commercial broiler farms, backyard poultry and pet birds, where they are stressing for adopting preventive measures. Dr Ali Akbar Soomro added.

Electing the Bird Flu President USA

It is clear to us all that the next President of the USA is likely to encounter all kinds of serious problems.
–                                                                             –                                                                      –
Many believe that in addition to all the domestic, economic and diplomatic disasters facing the next US Presidet, there could well be an added disaster of the Bird Flu pandemic looming just over the horizon.
–                                                                  –                                                   –
So we have been taking a look at the candidates for the job of the President of America and the way we all feel about them during the election process.
–                                  –
During the last few months one thing has become very clear about the way the Americans elect their President.
–                                                                           –                                                                         –
The US election 08 clearly tells us that in America, no matter how qualified a woman is, she has very little chance of getting the top job, against a man who wants the same job.
–                                                                                 –
It is much more important for the Americans to see how the woman looks, sounds or pleases them in some other way, than it is to see if she is the best qualified for the job.
 –                                                       –
We can all deny this but if we are really honest about it, we would all have to admit this as a fact.
     –                                                                                                     –
It is like getting a male pilot with only one year training to fly a jumbo jet, because he is a man and “he inspires us”, as opposed to a woman who has flown jumbo jets for decades and has weathered all kinds of storms, but “we do not like her”.
–                                                       –                                                                    –
But then that is how George W was elected.
–                                                       –
Was he not the guy you could have a drink with?
–                                                    –
Of course the fact that GW had no idea about running a country, was no problem as he could always “surround himself with the best”!
–            –
We deserve what we get and should not moan about it after the fact.

Bird Flu may be “Hushed Up” in Pakistan – Health Minister!

Here is an amazing statement by the current “caretaker Health Minister” of the North West Frontier Province of Pakistan, as reported in the news item below, via Daily times: 

NWFP caretaker Health Minister Syed Kamal Shah told Daily Times that so far around six to seven cases of the disease had been reported in the province.

He added two of the patients had died in November and that officials were awaiting results of the samples that they had dispatched to the NIH.

“If the results come out to be positive then the samples would be sent to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta for further confirmation,” he said.

“I am trying to get the results but poultry is a big industry with many stakeholders, some of whom may want to hush up the issue.”

“The strain detected in the Bird Flu-infected people is called H5N1, which is the most dangerous of all other strains,” he added.

Shah also said that currently there were three people in the hospitals of Peshawar and Abbottabad. However, he declined to say something about the infected doctor.

He said over 70 percent of the poultry industry was based in NWFP and added that “closure of the industry is under-consideration, as human lives are more precious and important than any industry.”




“Crack” Bird Flu expert Team in Pakistan!

I hear that a “Crack team of Bird Flu experts” has left for Pakistan to investigate the Bird-Flu outbreak over there.

Not sure if that was a real story or a spoof.

If true, then where is this team going?

Will they be checking in to the North West Frontier Hilton?

Or may be they are going to talk to the local politicians, bureaucrats in Pakistan to find out as to what is going on in that part of the world?

Well, I am afraid that the politicians and the bureaucrats in Pakistan are totally clueless about all of this.

The news about a possible bird flu outbreak in that area is not new.

There have been reports of lots of chickens mysteriously dying in the Afghan/Pakistan border area since the last winter.

It is not easy to understand here in the West, as to how cheap human life really is in that region and therefore, news of many people dying (let alone chickens dying) does not result in big headlines.

This is the North west Frontier of Pakistan, a region where the writ of Pakistani law has never fully extended, and which is thought to be a likely hiding place for Osama bin Laden.

I suppose the “crack team of experts” will immediately meet up with the other crack team, already investigating the disappearance of Osama in that same area.

Senator John McCain of the Bird-flu reporters?

Peter Cordingley the WHO Asia-Pacific spokesman has said that prompt notification was helping keep the virus in check after Pakistan announced its first human death and Burma (Myanmar) revealed its first human case.

      Peter Cordingley

“People have learned that hiding cases just makes things worse,” Cordingley told AFP.

Peter Cordingley also included China in his praise.

So Burma, China and Pakistan have been praised as being transparent with all the information regarding the H5N1 virus outbreaks by the WHO.

I find my self getting to be more and more like Senator John McCain  of the flu web reporters!


Is no one else upset at the above?

Surely the excuse of “having to deal diplomatically” with these “transparent nations”, can not be accepted forever by those of us who see the results of such folly on almost a daily bases!

Hiding a potential pandemic is no better and can be far worse than hiding a rogue nuclear weapons program

Bird Flu in Pakistan – The real story.

I have been watching with amused admiration, the energy and the effort spent by all of the Flu news/blog folks, on the Pakistani H5N1 outbreak.

To begin with, even at the best of times, it is very unlikely that any reliable news would be able to seep out of even the main cities of Pakistan, let alone the North West Frontier area of that country.

That is the region after all, where you-know-who has been hiding all these years without a trace!

To top all that, the Pakistani Government has had its hands full for many months with matters that it thinks are much more important than a simple pandemic.

I mean, in pandemic a few million people can die. That is all.

What is that to a country with one of the largest populations in the world?

As all of you must know, the State of Emergency imposed by General Musharraf (now a civilian but still in charge) has been “removed” from Pakistan TODAY, by its now civilian President.

So does that mean that now we will be able to get all the news from the newly “free Pakistan”?

Certainly not.

Now Pakistan is in the process of holding a general election for the post of the Prime Minister.

That is a very important post.

Lots of money can be made if you are the PM of Pakistan.

All those lovely Billions from the US to start with.

In fact the two main candidates have both been accused by several international bodies of corruption at a huge scale.

So I am afraid a pandemic or two is not really important at this time for that country, where it is now the time to play Politics.