Mystery of Four Cockerels Appearing out of Nowhere

BirdFlu version of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse?

FOUR black and white speckled cockerels have mysteriously appeared in the front garden of a house in the “London Colney” Parish, near St Albans, in London England.

The birds were found in Telford Road on Wednesday night, and so far no-one has come forward to claim them.

Linda Gibling, from London Colney Parish Council said that she had contacted the police, the RSPCA and St Albans District Council but to no avail.

Appealing for a home to be found for the foursome, she said: “They are very friendly and quite tame. It would be a shame to see these boys go to the pot.”

With all the talk of the the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, it is also interesting that the said the Feathered Foursome have appeared in the London Colney area of London.

London Colney is on the old coaching route between London and St. Albans.

 In its heyday,up to 150 horse-drawn coaches a day were using this road.

Even today we can see the London Coal Duty Boundary Marker, where a tax was levied from merchants taking coal and wine to London.

Running through the vale of St. Albans the River Colne provides a home for a wealth of wildlife.

However, the London Colney was also the home of the infamous Colney Hatch Asylum, which along with Bedlam, became a byword for badly treating the poor unfortunate residents of the establishment.

Colney Hatch Asylum 

Among many others, Colney Hatch Asylum was home for a while to Aaron Kosminski, who was widely suspected to be JACK THE RIPPER.

Aaron Kosminski, is described as “a Polish Jew & resident of Whitechapel, insane owing to many years indulgence in solitary vices. He had a great hatred of women, specially of the prostitute class, & had strong homicidal tendencies.”

According to Chief Inspector Donald Sutherland Swanson, who headed the murder investigation, Aaron Kosminski, a Polish-Jewish hairdresser living in Whitechapel, East London, was Jack the Ripper.


Aaron Kosminski was sent to Stepney Workhouse and then to Colney Hatch lunatic asylum and died shortly afterwards.



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