Indonesian President under pressure to sack Ministers for failing to stop the Bird Flu

Allegations of Corruption are mounting in Indonesia, prompting calls for removal of senior Government Ministers. The authorities have failed to curb the spread of deadly bird flu, and there is growing anger over compensation payments to Indonesia’s mud volcano victims.

Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, Indonesia’s first democratically elected President, has come under increasing pressure to make changes in the wake of a slew of transport disasters in recent months that have killed several hundred people.

Yudhoyono is however unlikely to remove all ministers accused of incompetence and corruption.

He will need to balance a string of competing demands from parties crucial to his political survival, analysts said.“It is obvious that political interest will dominate (the reshuffle),” said J. Kristiadi, from the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a private think tank in the capital.Yudhoyono, halfway through his five year term, needs the continued support of six parties to maintain a majority in parliament.

The President needs Golkar for his policies to pass through parliament.”

Golkar, the largest party in parliament and chaired by Vice-President Jusuf Kalla, has been leading the call for change, by replacing ministers with its own lawmakers.

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Bird-Flu resistant Super Chicken!

Central Avian Research Institute based in UP, India, is in the process of creating a Super Chicken with modified genes making it resistant to diseases like the pathogenic bird flu.

Kury szczepi siê przeciw ptasiej grypie

Sanjeev Kumar, who is leading this project, said that with help of biotechnological tools, once we develop disease resistant chicken, it would show complete resistance to any sort of diseases including avian influenza, IBD, Marek and other bacterial problems.

Elaborating on the research, he said, “we have found IR genes containing chemokines and cytokines molecules that have shown a good amount of resistance to chicken related diseases.”

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Boffins create a Super Interactive Map of the Bird Flu virus.

A team of biomedical experts, led by Daniel Janies, an assistant professor in the department of biomedical informatics at Ohio State University, used special software to create an evolutionary tree of the Avian Flu H5N1 virus’s mutations.

The new, interactive map of the spread of the avian flu virus, (H5N1) for the first time incorporates genetic, geographic and evolutionary information that may help predict where the next outbreak of the virus is likely to occur.

In the process, they also tested hypotheses about the nature of specific strains of the virus that appear to be heading westward and have the ability to infect humans.

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Great Fun – Bird Flu Video!

Here is a great Bird Flu Fun Video:

GNBBN - Global Warming

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Bird Flu Infected DVDs from China

A bunch of Chinese crooks kept the local police away from their operating centre for over two years with a simple but ingenious scheme.

According to the Chinese police, a group of Movie pirates ran a DVD factory in secret for two years by pretending they were scientists conducting research into highly contagious avian flu! Initially, the warnings about the hazard of deadly bird flu infections had been enough to keep local residents and suspicious officials well away from the factory at the end of a forest road.

A team of 40 police officers who eventually raided the factory, six months after the first reports of mysterious late night shipments emerging from it, found more than 100,000 pirated DVDs and four DVD pressing lines, according to the state-controlled Xinhua News.

They arrested eleven, including the factory’s manager. Police believe the factory earned around $3.8 million from sales of the DVDs over two years.

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Royal Honour for “Bird-Flu Barnard Matthews”???

There has been universal condemnation of the planned pay out of almost £600,000 to Barnard Matthews, the infamous British Turkey Factory Farm owner, who is said to have been responsible for the first ever Bird Flu outbreak in the UK domestic poultry.

We would like to ask the powers-that-be in Great Britain, another question regarding the sorry Bernard Matthews Bird-Flu affair.

Just days after the Bird-Flu was discovered in his “Turkey Factory Farm”, Barnard Matthews was to be presented at the Buckingham Palace, to receive an official Honour (Sir Barnard?) from the Queen.

In the light of the disaster at his Turkey Factory Farm, the said Honour was “postponed”.

matthbWe would all like to know if the Bootifull Bird-Flu Barnard will receive, in addition to the £600,000, a Royal honour as the Best of the Brits?

FDA Approves First U.S. Vaccine for Humans Against the Avian Influenza Virus H5N1

Well its a start!

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) today announced the first approval in the United States of a vaccine for humans against the H5N1 influenza virus, commonly known as avian or bird flu.

The vaccine could be used in the event the current H5N1 avian virus were to develop the capability to efficiently spread from human to human, resulting in the rapid spread of the disease across the globe. Should such an influenza pandemic emerge, the vaccine may provide early limited protection in the months before a vaccine tailored to the pandemic strain of the virus could be developed and produced. 

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