Indonesian Ministry of Health confirms the nation’s 78th Bird-Flu fatality.

The Ministry of Health of Indonesia, has announced a new case of human infection of H5N1 avian influenza.

A 45-year-old male from Grobogan district, Central Java Province developed symptoms on 17 May, was hospitalized on 26 May and died in hospital on 28 May.

Initial investigations into the source of his infection indicate exposure to dead poultry.

Of the 98 cases confirmed to date in Indonesia, 78 have been fatal.

Here is a link to the Epidemic and Pandemic Alert and Response (EPR) page at the WHO web site:

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Another Bird-Flu death in Indonesia!

Ibu Mazak, our reporter in Jakarta tells us that according to an Indonesian health ministry official, a 45-year-old Indonesian man from Grobogan, central Java, has died of bird flu.

chickens on saleReuters news agency is said to have confirmed the above and we hope to bring you more on this news item shortly.

URGENT Bird-Flu Contact request- Were you recently at the Chelford Market in Cheshire?

Were you recently at the Chelford Market in Cheshire?

If so, then DEFRA (The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) would like for you to urgently contact them.

The investigation into the source of the H7N2 low pathogenic avian influenza outbreak in North Wales is ongoing.

As part of the tracing exercise, and epidemiological investigation, Defra would like to hear from anyone, who has not already been contacted by Animal Health officials, who has:

  • Purchased from or supplied to Chelford Market in Cheshire on Monday 7 May 2007 or
  • Any poultry keeper who visited Chelford Market on this date whose birds have subsequently become ill.

These people should contact their local Animal Health Office.


Or phone the Defra helpline 08459 33 55 77 (open between 9am – 5pm 7 days a week).

221 people in Wales are now being tested for the Bird-Flu!!!

The National Public Health Service for Wales (NPHS) has identified 221 people, who may have had contact with the avian flu!!!

36 persons in the household setting

14 persons in school

171 persons in the workplace setting (including patients and staff at two hospitals)

12 avian flu contacts have been identified who have or have had symptoms of a flu like illness or conjunctivitis.

Kury szczepi siê przeciw ptasiej grypie

Dr Marion Lyons, Lead Consultant in Communicable Disease Control for the National Public Health Service for Wales, said: “We believe the risk to the health of the general public is low. Avian flu is primarily a disease of birds. H7N2 is different to and very mild compared with H5N1.

“Of the people with conjunctivitis or a flu-like illness, some did not have close contact with infected poultry.

“Preliminary investigations indicate that we cannot exclude person to person spread having occurred in this outbreak. Person to person spread would be very unusual but limited spread of this type has been seen elsewhere in the past in some cases of bird flu. There is no laboratory confirmation. As a precautionary measure the NPHS is continuing to offer people who have had contact with individuals with this illness antiviral medication to minimise the risk of spread.

“Investigations also show that, when it spreads from person to person, the illness experienced becomes milder.

“Experience of this particular bird flu virus (H7N2) in humans is limited so we are actively managing the public health response.”

12 avian flu contacts have been identified who have or have had symptoms of a flu like illness or conjunctivitis

An information sheet prepared by the NPHS for people who may have been exposed to Avian Flu is available from the link: Information for people who may have been exposed to avian flu

The link to the official site for the NPHS is here:

Did you hear about the Pandemic Flu Leadership SUMMIT?

Good news people!

All of the top VIP Bird Flu experts are at a “Pandemic Flu Leadership Summit”as I write this.It is an impressive list of members, including even Pierre Omidyar, the Founder and Chairman, eBay!

Watch this space to find out the result of the SUMMIT.

4 Brits have the Bird-Flu. Then, 9 Brits down with Bird-Flu. Now its 11 Brits with Bird-Flu!!

At first it was announced that 4 Brits have the Bird-Flu.

Then, we were told that 9 Brits were down with Bird-Flu.

Now it is confirmed that at least 11 Brits have the H7N2 strain of the Bird-Flu!!

No need to worry though?

BBC reports that the officials investigating two possible cases of bird flu in north Wales have traced 26 people who may have been in contact with the disease.

Eleven of these people have shown flu-like symptoms, but none has been seriously ill.


Officials said there was not a “significant risk” to public health.

Four people, two from Wales and two from north-west England,

have been found to have contracted bird flu following the outbreak at Corwen.

A further four are being treated as having had the disease.

The latest figures come as officials examine two properties.

The confirmed case involved a smallholding at Llanfihangel Glyn Myfyr, near Cerrigydrudion, Conwy.

Owners Tony Williams and Barbara Cowling, who have tested negative for the virus, called in a vet after their Rhode Island Red chickens began to die.

The real story in all this however, is that the infected chickens were bought from the Chelford Market at Macclesfield, Cheshire, some 70 miles (112 km) away, on 7 May.

So the Bird-Flu is not limited to the outbreak at Corwen in Wales!!!! 

To see the full BBC article, please go to

“Welsh Bird-Flu no risk for us Scots” says the new Scottish health minister!

Shona Robison, the Member of the Scottish Parliament for Dundee East, who is now the new public health minister for Scotland, denied that there was any risk to health for the Scots, from the bird flu outbreak in Wales, calling it “negligible”. 

She said: “I want to reassure the public in Scotland that the risk to public health is negligible.”Tracings are ongoing but there is nothing to suggest any Scottish connections with events in Wales and England.”Shona Robison MSP

People in Scotland and in the rest of the UK are wondering however, as to why she had to make that statement in the first place?

 Did any one suggest that there WAS a Bird-Flu risk to the public health in Scotland?

Why deny a risk that was never there?

Very curious indeed Ms Robison!