Can you blame the Bird-Flu infected Boy?

According to a report in The Straits Time, the parents of a three-year-old Indonesian boy infected with bird flu, have defied hospital orders that he stay in isolation and taken him home.

The boy from Tangerang, a satellite city west of the capital Jakarta, stayed in hospital for just half a day last Saturday, said Sardikin Giriputro, deputy director of Sulianti Saroso hospital.

‘We had no choice but to let the boy leave the hospital as his parents insisted on taking their child home,’ he said.

He added that a patient should remain in isolation until a test showed the infection was over.

Doctors wanted him to remain in isolation to ensure there would be no possibility of human-to-human infection, he said.

The boy was under home observation by medics from a health centre in Tangerang and Wednesday’s report said that his condition was improving, Mr Giriputro added.

Now frankly, I do not blame the parents of the Bird-Flu infected boy for taking him out of the hospital.

I mean, almost all of the Bird-Flu infected patients who have been recently hospitalised in any Indonesian hospital, have died!

So I guess if I was the father of the boy, I would do the same.

However, what is worrying (and in fact not believable) is that the boy was considered to be a possible risk to other people and yet was allowed to leave the hospital.

Doctors wanted him to remain in isolation to ensure there would be no possibility of human-to-human infection, he said.”

What we know of the Indonesian authorities, it does not seem possible that such freedom of action would be allowed for any one who is infected with the Bird-Flu virus.

Some thing does not seem right here.

But then we are talking of Indonesia so that is nothing new! 



More Bird-Flu in Indonesia!

Yet another Bird-Flu victim in Indoneisa

Now a 9 years old girl called Widya Rahmadai  is hospitalised as a Bird-Flu patient!

(we bloggers love to get the names of the victims – it makes us feel like we are real providers of news !)

Via ANTARA News:

A patient of the Sagulung regional general hospital in Batam has been referred to the Batam Authority hospital for intensive treatment as she was suspected of having been infected with the bird flu virus.

“We are afraid Widya is suffering from bird flu and therefore we have referred her to the Batam Authority hospital for intensive treatment,” the director of the Sagulung hospital, Dr Nenden Siti Komariah, said here on Tuesday.

Dr Nenden worried Widya Rahmadai (9) was infected with the birdflu virus because a chicken had suddenly died near her home.

She said Widya from Kampung Ponjen, Tanjungriau, was first brought to a polyclinic for fever but a medical examination showed the fever was not a common one.

She said she had already reported the case to the local health service for the government to take measures.


Bird-Flu, a virus with Intelligence?

Yet another Indonesian Child infected with Bird-Flu.H5n1

There it is again. 

That drip drip of this slow motion pandemic.

The bestseller Science Fiction novel Dune, by Frank Herbert, features a personal shield that can protect a warrior against all weapons.

There is one weakness in that shield however.

If a weapon is wielded very slowly, it can get past the shield and kill the warrior.

Seems to me, that this slow motion, Bird-Flu virus is doing exactly that.

It is trying to get past the human defences, by killing only a few people at a time, rather than in a mass killing spree.

This way, the humans are not overly concerned about a “pandemic” and some of us even believe that there is no real danger from such a virus.

In the mean time, the virus keeps killing slowly but regularly.

Each year the virus spreads to more countries, than the year before and kills more people, than in the year before.

But not too many countries and not too many people.

After all it is not a pandemic is it?

So here is news of yet another Indonesian Child infected with Bird-Flu, which as we know, is not a pandemic.

According to ANTARA News a three-year-old boy hospitalised in Jakarta has been confirmed as the 111th human bird flu case in Indonesia, the nation worst hit by the virus, a health ministry official said Monday.

Two tests were both positive so the boy is now the 111th confirmed bird flu case,” said Suharda Ningrum, from the ministry’s bird flu information centre.

Eighty-nine of the 111 cases in Indonesia have been fatal.

Ningrum said that the boy from Tanggerang, a satellite city just west of the capital, first showed symptoms usually associated with bird flu on October 22 but was only admitted to hospital on Saturday.

“The boy is still being treated there and reports showed that his condition was good,” Ningrum told AFP, without elaborating.

She said that the boy had been in contact with chickens which later died suddenly. Contact with infected birds is the usual way that humans contract the virus. Two other children from Tanggerang have died of bird flu this month.

Here is an interesting post re Intelligent Viruses: 


Apologies to Professor Kilian for the UN Bird-Flu story.

Apologies to Crof the Prof for the UN Bird-Flu story. 

I apologize to Professor Kilian, if my comments in my last post, “Political Correctness from the UN Bird-Flu Boss?” were in any way taken as suggesting the “bombing of Indonesia”.

I have spent may years in Indonesia and around that region and love all of it.

Well, almost all of it.

There have been some very radical changes recently, that have brought a certain amount of nastiness in that country and in part of that region in my opinion.

But I digress!

The situation in Indonesia is a lot more complex than it appears on the surface.

The current “Bird-Flu policy” is not the result of a strong united Government.

As an example, during the infamous haggling with the WHO for the tissue samples of the victims of Bird-Flu, Siti Fadilah Supari, the Health Minister was fiercely opposed by a number of the other Ministers.

The Bali outbreak finally gave the chance of the opponents of the Health Minister (who were increasingly concerned about the image of the country around the world) to be able to over rule her mad policy.

The secrecy that prevails all things related to the Bird-Flu virus at this time, has resulted in a similar war of opinions raging in the highest echelons of power in that country.

The world can help those in the Government with better judgement, to prevail over the current H5N1 policy makers in Indonesia.

Very strong action must be taken without delay by the global community, against the apparent current policy of hiding of the facts related to the H5N1 virus in Indonesia.

No developmental aid, medical aid, or any other aid of any kind, should be made available to Indonesia, until the Government opens up completely as far as the H5N1 is concerned.

That kind of firm action from the rest of the world would be a great help to those in the Government who understand that H5N1 can not be contained or eliminated by any one country and want to share all their data related to the killer virus with the world.

Surely it is not a lot to ask of the virus inflicted country, to be simply honest about what is really going on in that country, as far as the H5N1 is concerned?

I would like to respectfully request that Dr Nabarro stops pussy footing around with false praise and other “diplomatic” gestures and gets down to the serious business of finding out the true facts about this killer dangerous virus in that country.

In the far east, FACE is the most important factor and basically the current Indonesian policy is all about face.

Some in the Government do not want the country to be seen as the sick nation of the region.

Then there are some factions, who really believe that the H5N1 is nothing but a conspiracy by the West, aimed at vaccinating the Muslim women in Indonesia in to infertility!

Not that Indonesia is the only problem as far as the hidden dangers of the Bird-Flu is concerned.

I believe that Vietnam currently has more cases of the human infection of H5N1 than Indonesia does.

It is just that in Vietnam, they can suppress the news better than they can in Indonesia!

Besides, as we all know, Vietnam has been “Bird-Flu-Free” more times than any other nation on this planet!

Not sure if Vietnam is Bird-flu-Free this week or if there has been another outbreak of the Bird-Flu some where in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

Then there is China, the original source of most viruses in the world, including of course, the H5N1 virus.

We can expect many more viruses originating from and mutating in China, as the millions of starving and omnivorous people in the rural areas of that country, kill and devour all of their exotic wild life.

Of course the non exotic Dogs and Cats do not escape with their lives in China either!

Eating a Dog in China

Apparently, boiling the dog alive, is the best way to get the skin off easily.

In fact the St. Bernard breed is the best loved dog meat in China.

But that is another story. 


Political Correctness from the UN Bird-Flu Boss?

In an example of political correctness gone mad, the UN’s top official on bird flu has praised heightened levels of transparency in Asian countries over cases of the disease!

“To have information promptly is the ultimate goal,” said David Nabarro, the UN’s senior system coordinator for avian and human influenza.”We believe that just about every country is giving us that information promptly,” regarding bird flu cases and human cases of the H5N1 virus, he told journalists.

UN Bird-Flu Boss – David Nabarro

Dr Nabarro highlighted Indonesia, the country worst hit so far by bird flu, for its transparency in alerting global health authorities to any new cases.”The government of Indonesia tells the world when it has problems,” Nabarro said.


Over the years that I have followed the slow but sure growth of the H5N1 out of South East Asia, I have never heard any one being more economical with the truth, than Dr David Nabarro, the UN boss for all things Bird-Flu, in his above mentioned interview!

Dr. Nabarro’s apparently politically correct, but totally misleading remarks above, show to us all what a politician has to do these days to deal with different countries and remain in his place of power.

We have recently experienced the “she-had-bird flu” and then “she-did-not-have-bird-flu” fiasco involving no less than the Health Minister of Indonesia.

I t is well known that hospital staff and other medical personal in Indonesia can now face instant dismissal or worse, if they talk to any one who is likely to pass on the information regarding an infection, or a suspected infection of the H5N1 virus to the Foreign press.

Only the authorities decide when and if any such information is to be made public. 

Contacts in that country who are too scared to talk about it openly, say that there have been several large “clusters” of human victims of the H5N1 virus, in different parts of the country in the recent months.

No information about these has been made public.

It is due to the ludicrous way that the UN and the WHO have been dealing with this virus inflicted country, that the things have been getting from bad to worse.

Any pandemic that starts in Indonesia, is not going to remain only in that country, but will most probably effect all of us, no matter where we live.

So this potential viral time bomb involves every country in the world.

Should the world not treat Indonesia as a country in this case really and actively hiding Biological Weapons of Mass Destruction and act accordingly?


Flu Pandemic in Slow Motion

It is as if we are watching a pandemic in slow motion.

What we have right now is not the “normal viral Pandemic mode”, resulting in a large number of human fatalities, during a limited period of time.

Instead, there has been a regular drip drip of people dying of the virus almost every week, over the last 4 years or so.

Every now and then, one Government Agency or the other issues a warning, that there is a “real risk of a global pandemic breaking out”.

In response, the global media creates huge bold headlines of the warning, each media source often adding a bit of spice to the said announcement.

This is followed by a few “anti-panic-journalists” who (and I kid you not) offer bets to any one who will take the bet, that there will be no such pandemic!

After a few days the headlines are focused on the next political or commercial crises, or may be a juicy kidnap story and the threat of a viral outbreak is forgotten by all, accept a few bloggers -such as this blog:)- who are apparently obsessed by the Bird-Flu virus.

Every now and then, there is a bold declaration from the Health Minster or a Prime Minister of a country, stating that their country is now “bird-Flu-Free”.

A few weeks later there is yet another outbreak of the virus in that very country.

In the mean time people keep on dying.

Little children seem to be a favourite of this killer virus.

After each of these deaths, there is a flurry of activity from the media, trying to get as much detailed information about the victim as possible.

It seems that the Bird-Flu Blogs vie with each other, to try and get the name of the victim out in public domain before any one else does.

This, even though the authorities and presumably the parents of the child do not wish for the name of their child be made public and provide only the initials of the name of the child.

But then I suppose the Bird-Flu Blogs need to have some kind of a scoop.

Another death of a child fron the Bird-Flu virus is hardly a new story now a days.

So now I have to report another such story.

There is yet another child victim of this Bird-Flu virus as reported by Reuters.

According to an official of the Health Ministry of Indonesia, a toddler from Tangerang, west of the capital Jakarta, has died of bird flu.

The four-year-old girl died on Monday after being admitted to hospital two days earlier, health ministry spokeswoman Lili Sulistyowati said by telephone.

The little girl, who had been suffering from fever, died after being transferred to Persahabatan hospital in Jakarta.

Apparently the officials were still investigating the case, but four chickens had previously died in the girl’s neighbourhood, another official at the ministry’s bird flu centre said.

Why were we not told of the fact that a toddler had indeed been admitted to the hospital in Indonesia with the dangerous viral infection?

We do not know.

I await with baited breath, for the Big Bird-Flu Blogs to tell me the little child’s name however.


Pandemic Flu, the True Cost of Cheap Chicken

So we all have a choice.

Keep buying “cheap” factory farmed chickens, turkeys and other un-naturally grown animals (a la Bernard Matthews) and we will get a constant flow of killer viruses coming to get us.


  Bernard Matthews

Or we could buy our food from small farm holdings, using the traditional way of farming.

We may pay a tiny bit more but for that we will not only get healthy food, but also gain great Karma by NOT causing pain and stress to the poor birds and animals during their short lives.

Cheap Factory Farmed Poultry = Bird Flu or worse!


The following article in the journal of the American Medical Association reviews Bird Flu: A Virus of Our Own Hatching, a book by Michael Greger.

Greger, Director of Public Health and Animal Agriculture at the Humane Society of the United States, discusses how human mistreatment of animals has actually backfired, with factory farming making livestock more susceptible to disease.

He explains how modern livestock production facilitates the transmission and evolution of avian influenza and argues convincingly that the right environment for a virus such as H5N1 to thrive now exists.

The message is that pandemics are not born but rather are man-made—and that there is a price to pay for the modern poultry industry, in which fowl are raised in closed, stressful, unhealthy facilities, facilitating mutation and dissemination of the bird flu virus.

Greger writes that “[It] may take a pandemic with a virus like H5N1 before the world realizes the true cost of cheap chicken.”

Greger also discusses other animal pathogens that may become human threats and argues that the environment that caused the emergence of the H5N1 virus can also trigger these transformations.

The Foreword is by Kennedy Shortridge, PhD, credited with discovering the H5N1 virus in Asia.

Here is the article from JAMA: