Electing the Bird Flu President USA

It is clear to us all that the next President of the USA is likely to encounter all kinds of serious problems.
–                                                                             –                                                                      –
Many believe that in addition to all the domestic, economic and diplomatic disasters facing the next US Presidet, there could well be an added disaster of the Bird Flu pandemic looming just over the horizon.
–                                                                  –                                                   –
So we have been taking a look at the candidates for the job of the President of America and the way we all feel about them during the election process.
–                                  –
During the last few months one thing has become very clear about the way the Americans elect their President.
–                                                                           –                                                                         –
The US election 08 clearly tells us that in America, no matter how qualified a woman is, she has very little chance of getting the top job, against a man who wants the same job.
–                                                                                 –
It is much more important for the Americans to see how the woman looks, sounds or pleases them in some other way, than it is to see if she is the best qualified for the job.
 –                                                       –
We can all deny this but if we are really honest about it, we would all have to admit this as a fact.
     –                                                                                                     –
It is like getting a male pilot with only one year training to fly a jumbo jet, because he is a man and “he inspires us”, as opposed to a woman who has flown jumbo jets for decades and has weathered all kinds of storms, but “we do not like her”.
–                                                       –                                                                    –
But then that is how George W was elected.
–                                                       –
Was he not the guy you could have a drink with?
–                                                    –
Of course the fact that GW had no idea about running a country, was no problem as he could always “surround himself with the best”!
–            –
We deserve what we get and should not moan about it after the fact.

3 Responses

  1. You are obviouly biased in your oppinion. Therefore you can not write an objective article. I would vote for anyone other than Clinton. Not because she is a woman, but because I do not trust her. You cant accept that due to your bias.

    PS I would vote for Rice or Whitman.

  2. BFNF,

    Love the new look. Congratulations. Looking forward to more of your fantastic editorials.

    I am afraid, America will not have much choice in the next election. It is a shame.

  3. Not biased in their opinion, just truthful Frank.

    Yes, do like the new site BFNF.

    You’re probably right victoria as Al Gore was the elected President last time. Most American’s are gullible and have a short memory.
    The way our elections are run to, electoral votes, is archaic at best. It should have been changed over to popular vote decades ago.
    And with all that said, there is no doubt in my mind that when American’s finally wake up and take action, the elites will be running for cover or attempting to talk their way out of it by blaming someone or something else. Manipulation is an ugly thing and power does indeed corrupt.

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