Be careful of what you wish for in Pakistan. You may get your wish!

Adolf Hitler believed in democracy.

Almost through out the time that he ruled them, Hitler had a huge majority of German people backing him up to the hilt.

But then he had sold them a story about how they were a super race, above all others and they had all loved it.

So Hitler was a much loved, democratically elected leader of his people.

(until right at the end of course, when he was loved only by only those who died along with him in that bunker)

The West has this thing about Democracy as the panacea for all the ills of the world and they could not be more wrong.

(What about the Hammas in the Palestinian territories then!)

The ul-Wahhab’s sect of Islam also has a growing majority of Muslims all over the world backing it, because they believe in what they have been told by the Wahhabis.

So a democratic but Wahhabi Fundamentalist Pakistan will follow the Taliban and the al-Quieda in their all-conquering-Jihad around the Globe, until all are part of the same belief.

There is no other choice offered by Wahhabism.

You heard their leader say that from his cave recently.

He said that the solution to all problems for the West was to convert to Islam.

 It is like the “Borg” of the Star Trek.

You assimilate or you die.

And as we know, the Borg do this because they only want to “raise the quality of life” of the species they “assimilate.

So we can either raise the quality of our life, by the assimilation offered to us by the al-Qaeda and the Taliban, or we do not and die. Those are the only two options available to us.


The Borg – Resistance is Futile. 

The IRA terrorists fought the Brits, for their rights, in their country. This is nothing like that in any way what so ever. This is a policy to either convert or kill. There is no negotiation. No compromise.

President Pervez Musharraf

Democracy in Pakistan (or removal of Musharraf) at this time, means either letting  some one like an ex playboy cricket player, turned celebrity son-in-law, turned Islamic politician like Imran Khan, in to power.

Or, allowing the educated-in-the-West (with all corruption charges involving millions of Dollars in secret bank accounts against her recently deleted) Ms. Bhutto to take over Pakistan.

It seems that the West has decided to Let Ms. Bhutto take her turn to rule the country, as they believe that she would be more controllable for them.

Even though she has a large following within her own party, the Pakistan of today is not that of ten years ago and she would be totally out of her depth in that country today.

If Musharraf was hated by the al-Qaeda and the Taliban, then Ms Bhutto will be a deeeeeep red rag to the bull of the Wahhabis and will provide the fundamentalists in Pakistan, all the fodder they need to light up a fire that will not be put out easily.

Imagine if the Taliban (or a political clone of Taliban) was to be officially elected in Pakistan and have control of the Nuclear weapons in that country! 

So please be careful of what you ask for in Pakistan, as you may get you wish!


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