The growing Danger from the Zoonoses.

Zoonoses are defined by the WHO as “Diseases and infections which are naturally transmitted between vertebrate animals and man”.
In an article in the scientific American today, David Biello says that the best way to beat bird flu and other zoonotic diseases, he says, is to keep humans and wildlife healthy.
A zoonotic agent may be a bacterium, virus, fungus, parasite, or other communicable agent.

Zoonoses cover a broad and growing range of diseases and they can be transmitted by bacterium, virus, fungus, parasite, or a number of other (also growing) agents.

A recent study shows that these zoonoses such as H5N1 bird flu, West Nile and Ebola now account for as much as 58 percent of human pathogens and the number is growing fast.
In just the past five years, WHO has identified more than 1,000 epidemics stemming from such pathogens.
“There are more flu infections in more countries than ever before,” said veterinarian William Karesh, head of the Field Veterinary Program of the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), during a WSC Conferance in New York City last week.
These diseases are hard to stop because they are not only spread by wild animals, mosquitoes and the like but, even more commonly, by billions of livestock animals, such as chickens, ducks and geese raised for food in vast factory farms.
Zoonotic outbreaks are triggered by a range of factors, including man-made changes to natural habitats that bring humans into contact with wildlife as well as airplanes and other forms of transport that allow “speedy, long-range dissemination of any disease agent,” says veterinarian Arnon Shimshoni of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
“There is an artificial distinction between the health of wildlife, livestock and people,” Karesh said. Sickness in one of these groups, can mean sickness in all.

The Great American Hope Trick

It is always good to hope.

Leaders such as JFK and Dr King have shown the world, the meaning of hope by their actions.

But over the recent years, words like hope and patriotism, honor, honesty, integrity, sincerity have shown to be any thing but what they are supposed to be.

There was the patriotism act, which at a stroke, took away most of our rights and freedoms.

But then how would you vote against the patriotism act?


I am patriotic.
That is a given.
My opponents are not patriotic by definition, since the oppose me.

If you are not with me then you are obviously not patriotic.


I call this “Word Hijacking”.

Claiming an exclusive ownership of a word in such a way, that only I am the owner of that word and all that it stands for.

A really cynical, but increasingly popular way to handle the American masses.

The word HOPE  has been used in great dollops, during the current US Presidential race in the.

That is another example of Word Hijacking.

I call that the “Great American Hope Trick”.

I bring you hope.
That is a given.
My opponents do not bring you hope by definition, since they oppose me.

If you are not with me therefore, there is no hope for you or your family.

Now that is one better than just audacity.

That is Khutzpah from hell.

A cruel and cynical mass illusion for the American people, who are easy targets, as they are starving for hope in their lives and honesty from their leaders, after the disasters of the last 8 years.


The only “hope” that I see now, is that McCain (who has repeatedly surprised me in a positive way during this campaign) will win this race for the top job.
Never thought that I would be supporting a Republican candidate!
I “hope” that the Americans will not once again be thrown out to the expertise and the personal beliefs of the “advisers” of the new President, who has to depend on them, as he wants to learn-as-he-goes.
America can not afford another one of those.
[Image of the Indian Rope-trick]