Impressive Anti Bird-Flu effort from The Government of India.

You have to admire the current efforts that the Government of India is apparently putting in to the control of the recently discovered Bird-Flu virus in Manipur, in the North East of the country.


                                                                              Sh. Sharad Pawar 
ederal agriculture minister

After having witnessed luke warm reaction to the repeated outbreaks in Indonesia, Bangladesh, Myanmar and even France, the anti Bird-Flu measures taken by the Indian Central and State Governments are more than a little impressive.

Here is a report from the Press Information Bureau of the Government of India:

Over 680 health personnel, led by a Central Rapid Response Team, have conducted house-to-house active surveillance in the effected area.                                                                                                   

Out of the 45,032 houses surveyed, 935 were having backyard poultry. A total of 2,35,161 persons were covered.

163 Fever/ Acute upper respiratory Tract infection cases were found.

Four children had handled either dead or sick bird.

These cases are being monitored.

The isolation ward in J.N. Hospital, Imphal is ready to receive patients.

Two ventilators have been installed to provide critical care. This is in addition to the critical care facilities available at Regional Institute of Medical Sciences, Imphal.

Adequate supply of logistics [Tamiflu, N-95 masks and personal protective gears] have been made available to the State Government.

The situation is being closely monitored. As of now, there is no suspected human cases of Avian Influenza.


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