Is Anjalina Paslain from India, infected with the Bird Flu Virus?

Is Anjalina Paslain, the 21 year old girl from Shillong, infected with the Bird Flu Virus?
National Institute of Communicable Diseases in Delhi is “not ruling out the possibility of bird flu”
Via The Times of India
SHILLONG: A girl suspected to be suffering from bird flu was admitted at Shillong Civil Hospital on Thursday sending Meghalaya health department into a tizzy. State Director of Health Services Dr K H Lakiang said the 21-year-old girl, Anjalina Paslain was admitted with fever and rashes and had been kept in the isolation ward.

The girl, who hails from Sipung in the Jaintia Hills district was first admitted at the local health center, after which she was taken to a private hospital in Shillong, which during the day referred her to the government civil hospital.

Dr Lakiang said: “The blood and stool samples have been collected and will be sent for tests for bird flu virus to the National Institute of Communicable Diseases in Delhi on Friday,” he said.

“Nothing can be said as of now,” he said, while not ruling out the possibility of bird flu.

District Surveillance Officer (Integrated Diseases Surveillance Cell) Dr M Basaiawmoit and other senior officials of the health department also did not rule out the possibility, but said nothing could be confirmed till the test results were received.


India Bird-Flu Outbreak – Is it Over or Is It Not?

It was with a big sigh of relief that all of us heard that the bird flu epidemic had officially been declared over in India.

That was back on the 14th of August.

The official notification was celebrated with almost ritual chicken parties and the local media had a great time publicizing the people enjoying their chicken meals.

Free chicken meals were provided by some local poultry farmers in celebration of the end of the Bird-Flu outbreak in the Imphal area.

There were some minor stipulations regarding the five-kilometre secure zone with epicentre at Thangmeiband, the sight of the outbreak but it was announced that poultry meat brought in from outside the Thangmeiband security zone, would be allowed to be sold.

There was also another clause forbidding sale of eggs unless they are from outside of the culling zones.

Just how it was to be determined eggs from outside Imphal and those from Imphal, was however not explained.

All in all though, every one rejoiced in the fact that the virus had gone away.

So it was with mounting concern, that we heard about the arrests of some poultry meat vendors from the poultry meat centres in and around imphal.

This area was NOT within the Thangmeiband security zone and if the Bird-Flu virus is really over, then it was perfectly legal to sell the poultry meat and eggs in that area.

So, is the Bird-Flu outbreak NOT over as yet?

Even though we were impressed by the speed with which the Federal Government and the State Government had acted to try and root out the virus, there have been many questions regarding the origins of the outbreak that have not been answered.

A news item from the IMPHAL FREE PRESS has the following vital questions that must be addressed by the Indian Authorities immediately:

1. We still do not know where and how the virus entered the state.

2. The farm where the virus was first detected, (which is now clear of the virus), got its hatchings from the government farm at Mantripukhri. But then most other farms in the state must also have got their hatchlings from the same source.

3. How did only a single farmer come to acquire the diseased birds from an apparently shared source of the hatchlings?

4. How come even other birds belonging to the same farmer which shared the same coop as the diseased ones did not have the virus?

5. There were also suggestions that the virus could have entered the state from neighbouring Myanmar which saw an outbreak of the flu a few months earlier. How did the virus manage not to leave a trail along the way and land as if delivered by helicopter at Thangmeiband?

6. If it was migratory birds that brought the virus in, why would they leave the virus only at a chicken farm, that too in the heart of Imphal city which is not exactly a roosting place for wild birds?

It is of course good to remain vigilant against the H5N1 virus and we commend the Indian Government’s efforts in this respect as you can see from the following.

Ms. Upama Chaudury, the Joint Secretary of the Federal Agriculture Ministry of India, has reportedly asked the State Govt to heighten vigil against bird flu in and around Loktak lake as many migratory birds are expected to arrive in the lake soon.

Informing that the Forest and Wild Life Department has no active surveillance plan of its own, the Joint Secretary asked the State Government to formulate a surveillance plan.

Citing the complexities encountered during the containment drive against bird flu in Imphal town recently, she further suggested regulation on rearing poultry birds in urban area.

That is fine, however, full transparency in the efforts in the fight against the killer virus is also very important, as this fight involves not only the Government, but also the poultry farmer, the vendor of poultry meat as well as other citizens.


India wants its women to be Aware of Bird-Flu.

India had one of the first women Prime Ministers in the world.

In India’s ancient history of more than 10,000 years, women have been known to be in powerful and vitally important positions in society.

Yet it is a fact that most of the women in India today, are not educated and are not able to fully develop their potential.

The Government of India and specifically the State Government of Manipur, has now decided that it is important to make the women of rural India  aware of the dangers that are present in the matter of the deadly Bird-Flu virus.   

Underlying the importance of women in Manipuri society in taking up various social issues, All Manipur Nupi Marup organised a State Level Awareness programme on Bird flu for womenfolk at State Museum Hall, Imphal today.

Health and Family Welfare Minister P Parijat attended the inaugural function of the awareness programme as chief guest and president of Nupi Marup I Ibeni as functional president.

Additional Director of Health Th Biren Singh was the resource person of the awareness programme attended by around 150 women coming from different parts of the State.

 Manipur Chief Minister Okram Ibobi


Office of Registrar General of India.

Another person dies of H5N1, in a “Bird-Flu-Free” Province of Vietnam

 Vietnamese boy dies of bird flu  

 07/08/2007  The National Department of Preventative Health announced Tuesday, that Thanh Hoa province’s 15-year-old Cao Trong Toan died en route to Hanoi from the northern province for emergency treatment. 

On the 19th of last month, the patient’s family bought 20 geese to raise at home.Three days later all the geese had died and Toan developed a high fever. 

Today's standard flag for Vietnam. 

So another Vietnamese person, this time a 15 years old boy, has died.

The boy died in the province of Thanh Hoa.

The thing is, that Thanh Hoa was one of the provinces which had been confirmed by the Government of Vietnam, as a Bird-Flu-Free province only yesterday!

Please see the following: VietNamNet Bridge  reports the following today, 07/08/2007 :

Nation reins in bird flu, only three provinces still affected

Only three provinces across the nation remain infected by bird flu, dropping from a peak of 18 provinces struggling with the virus in May, said the Department of Animal Health yesterday.

The affected provinces include Dien Bien in the north, Quang Binh in the centre and Dong Thap in the south. Authorities said Quang Binh was well on the way to dropping off the list of bird flu-affected provinces, which will be achieved after being free of the virus for 21 days.According to the department, 63 out of 64 cities and provinces have completed or are implementing the first round of vaccination against bird flu in 2007. More than 160mil poultry have been vaccinated around the country.


Bird-Flu Sorrow in Sukabumi

Sukabumi is a Sanskrit word, dating back to the Hindu Indonesia, predating the Islamic invasion of the country.

The city is close to the Indian Ocean and is characterized by a long stretch of pristine sandy beaches, cliffs, a marine turtle habitat and the primary forest of Mount Halimun, the largest National Park in West Java.

It is not a surprise therefore, that the name Sukabumi in the Sanskrit language means “The Land of Happiness”.

The residents of Sukabumi are not happy at this time though, as the city has the dubious honour of hosting the latest human case of the H5N1 virus.

Ririn Meilani, a 12 year  old girl from Sukabumi, has been admitted to Syamsudin General Hospital, with high fever and respiratory problems, as a suspected bird flu sufferer.

Recently, a large number of chickens in her neighborhood had suddenly died for unknown reasons.

Ririn Meilani was hospitalized on last Thursday day evening.

Paramaedics took samples of her blood for specialised laboratory tests.

She is currently being treated at the hospital`s emergency care unit.

Ujang Suhendi, the girl`s father, said his daughter had been suffering from high fever and respiratory problems since June 16, when a number of chickens in their neighborhood died.

Around 75 percent of the chicken population in the area where Ujang lived, had died by mysterious causes.

Ririn had had contact with one of the dead chickens, he said. She is currently being treated at the hospital`s emergency care unit, he said.
On August 1, the local husbandry and animal health offices sent a team to check on all poultry in the area. But until Friday local residents were still uninformed about the results of the team`s work.

Syamsudin General Hospital Director Dr Suherman said there were indications Ririn was infected with the bird flu virus. However, to obtain confirmation of the suspicion samples of her blood would be sent to the Health Development and Research Agency in Jakarta for more conclusive laboratory tests.

A report of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) said recently around 60 percent of all Indonesian households keep an estimated 300 million birds in their backyards.


India Bird-Flu, 4 Children test Negative, but a further 51 are Quarantined.

A huge sigh of relief went through a Fifth of the entire human race, as the four children suspected of a Bird-Flu infection were declared free of the virus in India.

Throat swab and tissue samples of the four boys (all under 14) had been sent for testing, but no sign of bird flu was found.

“They are negative,” said Vineet Chawdhry, a joint secretary in India’s health ministry.


Thousands of people in Manipur state in India’s northeast were also checked by health officials after the outbreak of the H5N1 strain of bird flu in chickens on a small poultry farm.

However, the authorities have quarantined a further 51 people also from Manipur.

“Since all these people had worked in culling or sanitising operations or monitoring people’s health around the affected poultry farm they have to be quarantined and monitored,” said Vineet Chawdhry.

Most had complained of being “unwell”, he added, but did not say whether any had flu-like symptoms. All 51 were on Tamiflu, the popular drug to prevent and treat bird flu, as a precaution, the health ministry said.

Hundreds of “cullers” were involved in killing nearly 300,000 fowl over the past week in Manipur, a state bordering Myanmar that saw two outbreaks of bird flu in chickens in July alone.

The culling, which took place within a 5-km (3-mile) radius around the affected poultry farm near Imphal, capital of Manipur, ended on Thursday.

Health officials have completed checks of around 235,000 people in the area, but said they would closely monitor the situation.



Yet Another Bird-Flu Victim in Vietnam?

The Government of Vietnam “was furious” when the last outbreak of H5N1 was discovered in that country.

Today's standard flag for Vietnam.

This is because the Government of Vietnam has been  trying desperately to have the entire country declared Free of Bird-Flu as quickly as possible.

In its desperation to do so, parts of Vietnam, many provinces of the country, have been declared Bird-Flu-Free.

This was achieved under the totally mad  rule, of being able to declare an area free of Bird-Flu if no new infection has been discovered in any 21 consecutive days.

Using this “Rule” the Government of Vietnam has been declaring several of its provinces free of Bird-Flu.

President Nguyen Minh Triet          

It seems however, that the H5N1 virus has never heard of this rule and therefore these Bird-Flu-Free provinces have had repeated visits from the H5N1 even though these provinces were supposed to be safe from the virus.

In the province of Ha Tay, one of the supposedly Bird-Flu-free provinces, there was a recent human fatality (a 22 year old prgnant woman) as a result from the Bird-fl virus.

Now it seems that there may be yet another human victim of the H5N1 virus.

Apparently, a male student at a university in Hanoi, is suspected of being infected with type A/H5N1 virus since he has typical symptoms of bird flu in humans.

The student fell ill at his home in Thanh Hoa province.

He was treated at the General Hospital of Thanh Hoa province for 12 days without improvement.

He was then transferred to the National Hospital for Tropical Diseases in Hanoi on July 29.

                                                                                                                             The Central Institute for Epidemiology is testing samples of this patient’s blood to determine whether he has type A/H5N1 or not, since he has all typical symptoms of bird flu in humans.  

Dr Nguyen Hai Yen of the National Institute for Clinical Research of Tropical Diseases said the student’s samples were being tested for the H5N1 virus


This patient does not as yet need a respirator.

He has apparently not had any contact with poultry before.


So far this year, Vietnam has diagnosed six type A/H5N1 patients, three of whom have died.


Related to the 22 year old pregnant woman who died of bird flu recently, the Ministry of Health has sent experts to the home of the woman to take blood samples of 16 people who were in contact with the woman for testing.

They have all been provided with Tamiflu as well.

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