Animals To Humans Infectious Diseases Map

From the BBC, a map of the world, showing risk levels of emerging diseases transmitted from wildlife.
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The researchers say the majority of hotspots are located in lower-latitude developing nations.
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Why are the Crows Dying of H5N1 in Bangladesh?

Up to now, Crows from all over the world have shown them selves to be immune to the H5N1 virus.
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At least there have never been a large number of crows found sick with, or dying from the Bird Flu virus, even in the countries like Indonesia and Vietnam, where the Bird Flu virus has been around for years.
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But that was before the recent and continuing mass deaths of crows in all parts of Bangladesh.
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The local parks in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh are littered with the corpses of crows, reportedly victims of the H5N1 virus.
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Could this be a new mutated strain of the H5N1 virus, that is lethal for the normally hardy crows? 
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If that was not bad enough, now we hear that there are mass deaths of crows reported in Pakistan as well! 
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Two Dead Crows on Omen Day

Mini Lakes Of Egg Yolk as Bird Flu Panic Grows.

In a clear display of panic, hundreds of thousands of Eggs are being destroyed in the state of West Bengal in India, creating mini lakes of rapidly decaying egg yolk, in hastily dug ditches.
Meanwhile India’s worst outbreak of bird flu spread as health authorities battled to stop it reaching the densely populated city of Kolkata amid heavy rain that hampered culling efforts.
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Authorities reported the disease had affected two more districts, bringing the number hit by avian flu to 12 out of West Bengal state’s total of 19.The fear of the H5N1 virus is spreading to other parts of India as well.–                                                                                                                                               –                                                                                   –
In neighbouring Bangladesh from where the Indian outbreak is believed to have spread, health teams slaughtered a large number of birds in a border area amid a worsening bird flu situation across the country.
Some 2,646 chickens, ducks and pigeons were culled and 1,140 eggs destroyed in Bangladesh’s southern Patuakhali district, about 160 km south of capital Dhaka Thursday night after detection of avian influenza.
There are also reports of a large number of Crows dying of the H5N1 virus in Patuakhali in southern Bangladesh.
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The deadly bird flu virus has also killed 30 chickens in Thailand, marking the second outbreak of bird flu in 10 months, livestock officials said yesterday.

This is the second outbreak of bird flu in Thailand since March 18, 2007.
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The World Health Organization (WHO) today confirmed that a 34-year-old man from Vietnam has died of H5N1 avian influenza.
While in Indonesia, a 30-year-old man has died of bird flu, the health ministry said Thursday, bringing the toll to 98 in the nation worst hit by the H5N1 virus.
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In the UK, a sixth swan from a bird sanctuary has tested positive for avian flu, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) confirmed.The news comes after restrictions on the movement of poultry or other captive birds in the Wild Bird Monitoring Area around Abbotsbury Swannery in Dorset, England were lifted at 3pm on Friday.-                                                                                                                                                    –The Bird Flu Virus has spread to 15 countries since the beginning of this year!

Should it Not be called Bird-Flu anymore?

Tens of Millions of birds of all kind, as well as domestic poultry have been killed around the world because of the Bird-Flu.

These unfortunate birds were not not even suffering from the Bird-Flu virus.

They were in fact not sick at all.

Millions and millions of the birds were killed, just-in-case.

Just-in-case, they had the Bird-Flu virus, or may be they could be infected with the virus, some time in the future.

Some people were worried that these birds could be carrying the virus in a dormant form and this dormant virus could mutate in their body, to a form of the virus that is much more virulent and could even become a human virus.

The wild birds and the domestic poultry were killed just in case they turned in to “mutation chambers” for the H5N1 virus.

The problem is that the Bird-Flu virus has been infecting all kinds of other creatures, in addition to the birds for a while now.

The H5N1 or the Bird-Flu virus has been found in a large number of mammals, ranging from domestic cats, dogs etc, to wild rodents, foxes, bats and even Tigers!

Unlike wild birds, that are frequently found dead where they can be seen by people and can be tested for the virus, wild animals in the bush can not. 


So why is it that when talking about the “wild” repository of the H5N1 virus, every one mentions only the wild birds?

Surely small infected mammals of all kinds in the wild are much more likely to NOT be found dead out in the open, as birds often are.

bat bearing teeth

These wild victims of the H5N1 virus and those animals who feed upon them, would not be easily noticed by us and therefore would be more suitable as “mutation chambers”.

As we now know, the Bird-Flu virus has mutated already, it is now allowing limited human to human infection to take place.

I believe that it may not be a bad idea, to in fact change the name of this virus at this time, from the Bird-Flu virus, to some thing else.

 Any suggestions?

“USA looking for the Bird-Flu in the wrong place” – Smithsonian Scientist

A top research scientist with the Smithsonian Institution, has suggested that there are huge gaps in the American defences, against the spread of the deadly avian flu virus in the USA.  

The potential for spreading avian flu is 15 times higher among poultry flocks than among wild birds, according to data presented by Peter Marra, a research scientist with the Smithsonian Institution and the National Zoo in Washington.

“While the U.S. does not now allow importation of live poultry, both Canada and Mexico still do. The U.S. also imported 45,000 exotic birds for the pet trade last year, he said.

Mara said that the officials should be paying closer attention to poultry flocks and imported pet birds as possible vectors for avian flu.

Peter Marra told fellow ornithologists gathered at the University of Maine on Saturday, that health and wildlife officials may be focusing too heavily on migratory birds, when looking deadly avian flu virus.

  Marra, a research scientist with the National Zoo’s Migratory Bird Center, said he believes officials should be paying closer attention to poultry flocks and imported pet birds as possible vectors for avian flu.

“Yes, I believe [migratory birds] are contributing, but I believe we have to look at these other pathways,” Marra told attendees of the Association of Field Ornithologists’ annual meeting being held at UMaine.

Marra said he had spent considerable time urging federal agencies, politicians on Capitol Hill and White House officials to broaden monitoring programs for the H5N1 strain of avian flu beyond wild birds.

But so far, Marra does not believe his message is getting through.

“Are we prepared to detect it? I don’t think so,” Marra said.

Marra questioned the usefulness of tests on live birds, explaining that birds infected with H5N1 will either quickly die or develop antibodies to the virus. Instead, officials should be spending more time — and money — testing dead birds, he said.

Toter Schwan

Marra said scientists still do not understand the ecology of H5N1 as well as how the virus might spread through migratory birds. That’s because, while the migratory patterns of some birds are well known, many others are still unclear, he said.

The Smithsonian researcher also strongly criticized some countries’ attempts to control the spread of the deadly avian flu virus by killing massive numbers of wild birds. 

“The culling of wild birds will never prevent the spread of H5N1,” he said. 

Marra’s presentation was one of about a dozen lectures or panel discussions held during the weekend as part of the Association of Field Ornithologists meeting.

Bird-Flu Factory-Farm Silver, for Olympic Swimming Legend, Sharron Davies

Bird-Flu Factory Farm Silver, for Olympic Swimming Legend, Sharron Davies

Since the Bird-Flu virus was discovered at one of Bernard Matthews’ turkey farms in Suffolk, England, in the beginning of this year, the ‘bootiful’ Bernard has been accused of a variety of sins.

 He was lambasted for keeping birds in horrible overcrowded conditions and for producing cheap meat for a quick buck.

An animal welfare charity called for a Government inquiry into the poultry industry after a court heard that two members of the staff at a Bernard Matthews plant played “baseball” with live turkeys.

Turkey catchers Daniel Palmer, 27, and Neil Allen, 30, both of Dereham, Norfolk, were secretly filmed hitting birds with a pole at the Bernard Matthews plant in Haveringland, Norfolk.

Both admitted ill treatment and were ordered to carry out 200 hours of community service.

However, after an investigation in to the Bird-Flu outbreak, the British Government’s Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) found that the Bernard Matthews Turkey Factory Farm had not broken any laws.

To make matters worse, the British Tax Payer had to fork up the money to compensate the Bernard Matthews Turkey Factory Farm for the “loss of the infected Turkeys”.

The British Members of Parliament “reacted with anger after the government confirmed Bernard Matthews will get nearly £600,000 compensation for healthy birds slaughtered following the avian flu outbreak”.

The British House of Commons leader Jack Straw told MPs “All of us are uncomfortable about the reports of high levels of compensation to Mr Matthews’ firm.”

Obviously, the Bird-Flu out break in his Turkey Factory Farm has created a disastrous Public Relations situation for the company.

So now, in an attempt to boost sales in the wake of the notorious bird flu outbreak in the Turkey Factory Farm the Olympic Swimming Legend Sharron Davies MBE, is to be roped in to try and promote the Bernard Matthews Turkey Factory Farm. 

The 43-year-old BBC swimming presenter and former Olympic medallist is a celebrity and a role model for young girls every where.

We have no doubt that she will visit the Turkey Factory Farm to see for herself, as to how the unfortunate birds are kept there before accepting this PR task.

The Bird-Flu leadership Summit?

There was this Bird-Flu leadership Summit, recently held in America, headed by lots of Industry and Government big shots.

Of course it was by and for only the folks in the good old USA, because as you know, there is nothing of importance out side of here.

Accept that the Bird-Flu virus IS out side of the USA and it is slowly creeping from the East to the West, towards the Americas.

 Photo Kenneth Wong

I wonder if any one who was part of the above mentioned Summit, would let me know if the problem of the H5N1 entrenched in foreign lands was discussed at the Summit.

If so, has any actual action of any kind resulted from the said discussions or is any action planned in the near future?