The Great American Hope Trick

It is always good to hope.

Leaders such as JFK and Dr King have shown the world, the meaning of hope by their actions.

But over the recent years, words like hope and patriotism, honor, honesty, integrity, sincerity have shown to be any thing but what they are supposed to be.

There was the patriotism act, which at a stroke, took away most of our rights and freedoms.

But then how would you vote against the patriotism act?


I am patriotic.
That is a given.
My opponents are not patriotic by definition, since the oppose me.

If you are not with me then you are obviously not patriotic.


I call this “Word Hijacking”.

Claiming an exclusive ownership of a word in such a way, that only I am the owner of that word and all that it stands for.

A really cynical, but increasingly popular way to handle the American masses.

The word HOPE  has been used in great dollops, during the current US Presidential race in the.

That is another example of Word Hijacking.

I call that the “Great American Hope Trick”.

I bring you hope.
That is a given.
My opponents do not bring you hope by definition, since they oppose me.

If you are not with me therefore, there is no hope for you or your family.

Now that is one better than just audacity.

That is Khutzpah from hell.

A cruel and cynical mass illusion for the American people, who are easy targets, as they are starving for hope in their lives and honesty from their leaders, after the disasters of the last 8 years.


The only “hope” that I see now, is that McCain (who has repeatedly surprised me in a positive way during this campaign) will win this race for the top job.
Never thought that I would be supporting a Republican candidate!
I “hope” that the Americans will not once again be thrown out to the expertise and the personal beliefs of the “advisers” of the new President, who has to depend on them, as he wants to learn-as-he-goes.
America can not afford another one of those.
[Image of the Indian Rope-trick]

2 Responses

  1. Well sweetheart I’ll be honest, I’ve been flip-flopping between McCain and Chillary.
    I’m not real happy with McCain or Chillary because neither of them support regulation of cannabis much like tobacco and alcohol. McCain’s wife is rolling in dough too and she had an addiction problem with pain killers.

    Chillary will pull us out of Iraq, and because of where BushCo has gotten us this wouldn’t be wise, sorry.
    McCain may well be the one who could get the Iraq affairs straightened out so we could get out properly.

    All along the military has known how to handle issues in Iraq however, they’ve not been allowed to implement their knowledge because of the administration that is now sucking air out of D.C.

    Ron Paul is the only one with any sense.

    Americans are too blinded by repeated rhetoric. It amazes me how stupid and easily led the masses are. Honestly.
    It’ll get to a point where people are so screwed over that a glimmer of awakening will occur.
    And selfish I am, don’t expect me to help the ignorant out of their self-imposed hypnotic state. They got themselves there, let them roll in their own crap.

    Jesse Ventura has a new book out: “Don’t Start the Revolution Without Me”
    Sounds good to me.

  2. Hi,

    I am speaking as an outsider – an Australian.

    Isn’t McCain just offering more of the same?

    I have been watching to see if he is prepared to tackle issues of importance. Issues like raising the minimum wage for Americans, improving education, improving health, and improving general infrastructure ie Electricity, Roads, Bridges etc. Basically, all the things that successive American Administrations appear to have neglected.

    The same can be said of Australia. Successive Australian governments have dropped the ball on our infrastructure. We are now going to pay through the nose for all the necessary improvements.

    Although I did not vote for the present Australian government, I believe that they will deliver.

    The American elections are watched by nations around the world. The current three contenders for President of America, seem to lack something. We, and I am talking about the world, need a US President that is a Statesman, a man of integrity and strength. Sorry guys, I just don’t see it in the three contenders.

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