Combodia Fights the Bird Flu virus

Here are three video news bulletins from the Apsara News Cambodia, telling us about the efforts of the Government of Cambodia, Border authorities, in their fight against the H5N1 virus.
 Video 1. 
Video 2.
Video 3.

One Response

  1. James honey, it’s been far too long since you’ve come back here to post my comments, what two or three weeks ago, longer? Are you o.k?

    By the way, think Hillary is going to win. Reason: old prophecy by No-Eyes through Mary Summer Rain. I used to read her stuff many, many years ago and even looked some of it up on amazon. Had it typed out to share with you but alas I must have shredded it in the latest desk clean-up.
    I don’t give a great deal of credit to Mary Summer Rain per se, but No-Eyes from what I learned, was right on.
    Anyway, a black presidential candidate will not win.

    We’ll see aye?

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