US Government Pandemic Warning to US Citizens abroad

If the WHO declares a pandemic, Americans who are overseas should be prepared to remain in country for an extended period.
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You should avoid non-essential travel beyond your home and workplace and you should limit activities that could expose you to others who may be ill.
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Based on varying conditions abroad, Americans should prepare contingency plans and emergency supplies (non-perishable food, potable water or water-purification supplies, medication, etc.) for the possibility of remaining in country for at least two and up to twelve weeks.
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Visit to see examples of comprehensive planning checklists for individuals, businesses, schools, and other groups.
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During a pandemic, people should practice social distancing measures such as teleworking, limiting face-to-face meetings, avoiding crowds, and maintaining a distance of six (6) feet or more from other people.
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“whoever wrote this has never been to China. Probably only in Tibet, Xinjiang, or Inner Mongolia could one possibly get more than 6 feet away from another human being…
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