Why are the Crows Dying of H5N1 in Bangladesh?

Up to now, Crows from all over the world have shown them selves to be immune to the H5N1 virus.
–                                                                                                 –
At least there have never been a large number of crows found sick with, or dying from the Bird Flu virus, even in the countries like Indonesia and Vietnam, where the Bird Flu virus has been around for years.
–                                                                                          –
But that was before the recent and continuing mass deaths of crows in all parts of Bangladesh.
–                                                                                         –
The local parks in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh are littered with the corpses of crows, reportedly victims of the H5N1 virus.
–                                                                                                  –
Could this be a new mutated strain of the H5N1 virus, that is lethal for the normally hardy crows? 
–                                                                                  –
If that was not bad enough, now we hear that there are mass deaths of crows reported in Pakistan as well! 
–                                                                                                       –

Two Dead Crows on Omen Day


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