Electing the Bird Flu President of America

Even the most sceptical of virus watchers now admit that the slow and steady march of the Bird Flu virus, from east to the west, is likely to reach the USA during the next four years.
Therefore, even if the next President is just a one term President, he or she is likely to face a time during his/her Presidncy, when the bird flu pandemic is raging through America.
So, we are in the process of electing the Bird Flu President of America.
The new President will face an on-going global war, a possible property crash and even a recession on the first day in the office.
With all that on the plate, will the new President spend the energy and the resources needed to be able to address the now almost inevitable pandemic that is likely to visits the USA during his/her Presidency?
So who would be the best candidate as the Bird Flu President of the United States of America?
I am afraid that my original favourite Democratic candidates were Joe Biden and Mike Gravel. (even though I knew that both of them had almost no chance of getting elected.)
Ted Kennedy  Barack Obama
One of the most interesting events of the last few days included Ted Kennedy jumping in to the muddy political waters of California, to pull Barrack Obama out to the front of the Presidential race.
Rudy Giuliani  John McCain
Then there was Rudy Giulian the Mayor of America, who decided to give up his chance for the big job and  jump in to the raging fires of the Presidential politics, to pull Senator John McCain to the top of the polls.
Every one, without exception, seems to be attacking Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton however, who until very recently was the Democratic front runner.
Hillary Rodham Clinton
May be it is because of the attacks on her from all sides, that I am now in her corner.
I believe that her no nonsense business like attitude to the problems that life has thrown at her, is exactly what we need to get us through the very difficult times ahead.
Not sure what the Super Tuesday will bring, but I hope that even if there are obstacles placed in her way, Hillary Clinton will carry on fighting and will be finally elected as the Bird Flu President.

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