Now a Human Victim of Bird Flu in India?

VIA Statesman News Service

BALURGHAT. Jan, 31: Panic broke out at Mangalpur More, Jogomaya Para in Balurghat today, over the illness of a 17-year-old girl.
The victim, Ms Priyanka Malakar has been admitted to the Balurghat Hospital with breathing trouble, high fever and rashes all over her body her body.
Neighbours fear that the girl has fallen a victim to Bird Flu but the doctors are still not certain about it.
Admitting the matter, the CMOH, South Dinajpur Mr BB Mahapatra said that the symptoms were similar to human flu and measles.
 “Nothing can be said for certain at this point. We are sending her blood samples for tests to Bhopal. She would be under observation till the test results reach us,” the CMOH, said.
Doctors treating the victim refused to comment on the matter, which has stoked further imagination and rumour.
The CMOH’s version has not been able to convince the Mangalpur residents, who suspect the girl has been contaminated with avian flu.
“Since we stay close to the victim’s house, people are avoiding us,” lamented Priyanka’s next door neighbours Mrs Swagata Saha and Mrs Bandana Guha.
The neighbours alleged that the culling teams engaged by the district administration had not visited their area although almost every house in that area had some chickens or ducks.
The South Dinajpur district magistrate Mr Swapan Chatterjee, said that he had not been informed of the development. He was also unhappy to learn that culling teams were yet to visit the Jogomaya Para area. The DM assured to look into the matter.


2 Responses

  1. Rash is a symptom of dengue fever caused by mosquito vectors. It’s raining there. A lot. It’s flu season too. Hard to tell until the test comes back. Though this depends on which one: the cheap one that gives false negatives or the expensive one, if you can get it to the lab before it deteriorates and gives a false negative, or the false negative you get after giving the patient Tamiflu.

    The dengue virus causes the blood vessels to swell and leak, creating small purple colored spots on the skin, called petechiae.

  2. Fears are growing that no. of human victims in west bengal may grow owing to the poor medical agencies in the state. The Incident mentioned above is the only one that is in the notice of agencies. Some local papers are stating that it has taken a toll of around 10 poultry workers in the state.

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