Bird Flu from the Mother-In-Law

tourist sparked a bird flu panic at the New Year celebrations at one of the hotels in Abu Dhabi.
According to a statement released by the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi (EAD), “The visitor caused a state of panic and confusion as he told the management of the hotel that he suffered from avian influenza,”.
The tourist claimed that the Bird Flu infection was transmitted to him from his mother-in-law.
Warning hotel employees from coming near him, the visitor, who came to the country few days back, said he needed urgent medical attention.
But then, to make matters worse, he refused to be examined by a doctor from a private hospital who was called in for help by the hotel management, saying that he did not wish to transmit the disease to anyone.
The hotel authorities then called the police who contacted the National Committee for Emergency Response to Bird flu, headed by the EAD.Specialist physicians from the Department of Preventive Medicine rushed to the hotel, accompanied by a team of experts. Entry and exit to the hotel were blocked by the authorities.

At the end of clinical tests, the man was found to be intoxicated and not suffering from any form of disease and certainly not suffering from avian influenza!

Finally, results of tests and clinical examinations proved that the man was just intoxicated.
Almost an hour later, public was allowed to enter the hotel. However, the floor the man stayed was kept isolated.
Map of Abu Dhabi



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