Portugese Hunters lose out to Bird-Flu.

Thousands of partridges which were being stocked in preparation for shooting by Portuguese hunters, will now be killed due to an out break of H5de, a subtype of the bird flu virus.
—                                                           —                                                            

According to Carlos Agrela Pinheiro, the director general of Veterinary affairs, the H5de strain of the virus was found in the towns of Lourinha and Mafra.
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In a statement, the the Portugese Ministry of Agriculture said that the two locations where the H5de virus had been found are used for breeding of partridges for the purpose of hunting.
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The H5de virus is not usually dangerous for humans.
—                        —                                  —
The poor partridges on the other hand, lose out either way.
—                       —                                  —
If they are healthy, they get shot by the hunters.
—                     —                                     —
If they get the bird flu, then they get killed any way.
—                     —                                  
Ah well….
—                  —                                 


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