free Tamiflu for all visitors to Indonesia?

You have to hand it to the Indonesians for their chutzpah, in launching the new Visit Indonesia 2008 tourism campaign, at the same time as we hear about at least five Indonesians apparently infected with the deadly bird flu virus.
The campaign slogan, inaugurated by Indonesian Tourism Minister Jero Wacik last week, is also plastered on Indonesia’s flag carrier Garuda planes, Website and on its promotional TV ads, with a tag line: “Celebrating 100 years of a nation’s awakening”.
Some have suggested that the new slogan should be “free Tamiflu for all visitors to Indonesia” instead!
The country is embarking on the campaign to revive its flagging tourism industry which recorded a drop of about four million foreign tourist arrivals, in 2006.
Some of the reasons for the drop in tourism are:
Indonesia’s has not been in the good books of its Gods and the country has had to go through multiple disasters one after the other.
There was the devastating 2004 year-end tsunami, followed by severe flooding and there have been several volcanic eruptions since then.
Also, due to numerous air crashes, some involves its national carrier Garuda, air travel, which is a necessity for residents of the country’s far-flung islands, saftey has also become an issue.
To top it all, the European Union has banned Indonesian air carriers flying over the EU airspace!.
Then there have been a series of bombings by Islamic-based extremist group which operates under the Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) organization in the Southeast Asian region has kept tourists further at bay.

A Jakarta court has just opened the trial of Abu Dujana, who is being charged with plotting terrorist activities, including in possession of explosives.

He is being blamed for the 2002 Bali bombings, which resulted in the death of 202 people, mostly Australian tourists.

However, the most worrying problem for the potential visitors to Indonesia is of course the Bird Flu virus, which has killed more people in Indonesia to date, than any where else in the world.

Siti Supari, the controversial Indonesian Health Minister has not made things easy for her country, by taking on the WHO and other global agencies by refusing to let the world scientific community have the tssue samples, from the Indonesian victims of theBird Flu virus.

The government’s apparent poor handling of the on-going bird flu health scare which undoubtedly will be on the mind of tourists visiting the country.

May be they should offer free Tamiflu to all tourists to Indonesia, just in case.



8 Responses

  1. Well, I can say this here without fear of ridicule. (I think).

    Indonesia is getting what they deserve.
    Come on Indonesia, wake-up! Get into the 21st century and evolve.

  2. Siti Fadilah Supari the indonesian health minister is an incompetent, stupid fool who’d do her country a great service by dying. She singlehandedly is holding Indonesia hostage to her hissy fits of capricious malintent. How much her family bribed university officials for her ” cardiology degree” is uncertain, what is certain is that she should be tried and hanged for her crimes against humanity. I place her in the same boat as mao, Stalin , Hitler, Goebbels, Himmler, and Dr. Frankenstein. At least these others had a real college degree. This one is an illiiterate peasant with power. Therefore she’s more dangerous than all of these other villains combined.

  3. Siti Fadilah Supari is an hero who dares to refuse developed countries like USA, as well as WHO, from commercializing the tamiflu. She is struggling against the new form of imperialism.
    There are 2 possibilities defining you who said that she is stupid:
    1. You are the imperialist, who takes advantage from suffering people;
    2. You yourself are stupid, indeed. You don’t know what is actually happening in this sick world.

  4. Fikri: Apparently you don’t know many real American’s. Apparently you don’t know what manipulation means. Apparently you don’t know what a looney Supari is.
    All countries have corruption within, stop singling out the U.S. And please don’t shout out for help when you need it.

  5. Just a little question BFNF.

    Where are you? Your articles are few and very far between. Your articles, when we see them, are great, we just don’t see that many of them.

    What gives?

    Have you collectively been ill?

    Are you too busy?

    The cat got your tongue?

    Please come back to us with a weekly write up.

  6. Sorry Victoria!

    KC and Betty work on the and allow me to help a bit as well on that site.

    However, on the birdflunewsflash, its only me trying write about it all and to stay as calm as I can, with what is going on around us.

    I have been down with a bad bout of the ordinary flu, which made me think of how bad the real thing could be!

  7. That makes sense now BFNF. Sorry to hear you’ve been ill. I thought I had the flu but it turned out to be a serious reaction to Prevacid.
    I went to Nevada and spent a couple days with a friend who is knowledegable in alternative medicine. She has set me straight and I’m beginning to feel better.

    Don’t get upset either, just state your case and when the real revolution hits we will prevail.
    Meanwhile, the BF would be a blessing.

  8. Sorry to hear that you have been ill. I hope that you get better soon. Lots of hot whisky toddies will make you feel just fine.

    I agree it is hard to stay calm. Maybe we should bestow the dubious honour of naming the next pandemic on Supari.

    The Supari Pandemic. Has a ring to it – don’t you think.

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