Bird Flu in Pakistan – The real story.

I have been watching with amused admiration, the energy and the effort spent by all of the Flu news/blog folks, on the Pakistani H5N1 outbreak.

To begin with, even at the best of times, it is very unlikely that any reliable news would be able to seep out of even the main cities of Pakistan, let alone the North West Frontier area of that country.

That is the region after all, where you-know-who has been hiding all these years without a trace!

To top all that, the Pakistani Government has had its hands full for many months with matters that it thinks are much more important than a simple pandemic.

I mean, in pandemic a few million people can die. That is all.

What is that to a country with one of the largest populations in the world?

As all of you must know, the State of Emergency imposed by General Musharraf (now a civilian but still in charge) has been “removed” from Pakistan TODAY, by its now civilian President.

So does that mean that now we will be able to get all the news from the newly “free Pakistan”?

Certainly not.

Now Pakistan is in the process of holding a general election for the post of the Prime Minister.

That is a very important post.

Lots of money can be made if you are the PM of Pakistan.

All those lovely Billions from the US to start with.

In fact the two main candidates have both been accused by several international bodies of corruption at a huge scale.

So I am afraid a pandemic or two is not really important at this time for that country, where it is now the time to play Politics.


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