Even though almost all the countries neighbouring the Islamic republic of Iran and also that of Democratic People’s Republic of Korea the DPRK have reported several outbreaks of the H5N1 virus, Iran and North Korea have not had a single case of the killer virus reported any where.

What is the secret that has provided protection from the dreaded Bird-Flu virus for these two great countries?

According to the Iranian authorities, it is due to the Righteous Path followed by the Government and by the Iranian people that God has spared Iran of this plague.

It is well known that there are no homosexuals in Iran.

Could that be another reason for the absence of the Bird-flu virus in that country?

“Iran has taken serious steps to prevent the bird flu outbreak,” Veterinary Organization chief Mojtaba Norouzi said.

It has obviously worked for the Iranians since there has been NO report of any bird flu there.

Well, at least not since the two officials who had annmounced two human fatalities a while back only to dissappear and be never heard from again.

The North Koreans strongly believe that it is due to the power of Kim Jong-Il their Dear Leader, that their land has proved to be too tough a nut for the H5N1 virus to crack.

Kim Jong-Il the Dear Leader     

                   The Fighting Forces of North Korea

Of course, their immediate neighbour South Korea, has reported seven cases of infection by the H5N1 strain of bird flu between November 2006 and March this year, hitting its poultry exports to Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and elsewhere.

About 13,000 ducks were culled last month in Gwangju, 330km south of Seoul, after health officials discovered a low-virulence H7 strain of avian influenza.

To the North of North Korea is China, the original source of the H5N1 virus and host to repeated outbreaks of the Bird Flu virus.



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