Bird-Flu kills again in China, the land of its origin.

The killer Bird-flu has come back to China, the land of its origin.

A man in east China’s Jiangsu province died of bird flu on Sunday, the Jiangsu provincial health department reported.



Significantly, the man had no contact with dead poultry, according to the Chinese provincial health department.

The 24-year-old man, surnamed Lu, developed fever, chills and other symptoms on November 24 and was hospitalized on November 27 after being diagnosed “lower left pneumonia”. Lu’s illness deteriorated in the hospital and died on Sunday.A respiratory tract sample examination by Jiangsu Provincial Disease Control and Prevention Center on Saturday showed the man’s avian flu virus nucleic acid was H5 positive and N1 positive.

 A test done by the China Disease Control and Prevention Center on Sunday also indicated that the man was H5N1 positive and the Chinese Ministry of Health has confirmed Lu was infected with bird flu.

All of the 69 people who had close contact with Lu have been put under strict medical observation. So far, they have shown no signs of symptoms.

The Ministry of Health has reported the case to the World Health Organization and some countries and regions.

Officials from the Jiangsu Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Bureau said that no bird flu epidemic has been found in the province so far.



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