Bird-Flu and the two million strong gathering at the Hajj

The Saudis have “culled” more than 3.5 million Chickens to try and fend off the Bird-flu virus from their country..

I believe that is the largest amount of poultry destroyed due to a Bird-Flu outbreak at one time in the world.

Indonesia Says Man Dies of Bird Flu in Sumatra

The problem of the current outbreak of the killer virus for the Saudis, could be made more problematic due to the the Hajj.

The month of Dhul Hijjah begins on December 11, 2007, with the week of the Hajj beginning on December 18, 2007.

An estimated two million pilgrims participate in this annual pilgrimage of Hajj.

Even though Mecca, the destination of the pilgrims, is at some distance from Jeddah,

(the current location of the Bird-Flu outbreak), the added risk of millions of pilgrims,

from as far away as Indonesia gathered in the Kingdom is a potential problem.


3 Responses

  1. It is that time of year again. Not only do we have the Haj, Christmas, New Year, and Chinese New Year to look forward to, we also have the mass movement of millions of travellers to contend with.

    It makes you think. Just how much warning can we expect to get? Me thinks very little if at all.

  2. You are right about that Victoria!

    Here is some thing that may cheer you up though.

    Even though this month of November has witnessed a mini explosion of the Bird Flu virus, with outbreaks in several more countries, according to an Indonesian astrologer, there will be no pandemic for at least one more year 🙂

  3. Well Dear BFNF,

    I can rest easy now. The Indonesian astrologer probably used a chicken.

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