Brit Bird-Flu Agency faces $600 Million Budget Cuts.

Brits are asking: Where Have our Tax Pounds gone?  

In an Alice in Wonderland scenario, the Brits have decided to cut funding from the main agency that takes care of the problems related to Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

The British Government has announced that the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) is to face a budget cut of almost $600 Million!

The UK has not only been host to the latest Bird-Flu outbreak, but also, recently has had the devastating foot-and-mouth disease, along with the “bluetongue outbreak” which sounds as bad as its effect on the sheep.

The British public and the British Businesses have been paying increasing amount of tax over the last ten years during the Labour Government and find that more and more of their public services are either being reduced, or cut altogether.

Brits are asking where has our money gone?

Here is a very good post regarding the above, from Cllr Tony Sharp,

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a Conservative Councillor for Brickhill Ward in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire in England. 

(I found Tony’s post in the blogs section of )


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