Fear of Birds

Fear of Birds

The other day I watched “Birds” the great 1963 Hitchcock’s classic, about repeated attacks by all kinds of birds on a woman (Tippi Hedren) in an isolated California community.


It was amazing to see the great director creating a real sense of fear, from a subject that is as ordinary as can be.

I mean, Birds are to be looked at and admired.

Birds are not to be feared.

But then that was before there was the Bird-Flu!

I wonder what the master director cold have done with the H5N1 virus!

Here is a short clip about a guy who is hand feeding seagulls!

“Hand Fed Seagull By Scarpace”.

 Hitchcock would have loved it:






2 Responses

  1. Quote: But then that was before there was the Bird-Flu!
    There has been bird flu for thousands of years, mutating in human flu. If you still haven’t understand this, why start a bird flu blog? Leave this to scientists.

  2. Dear fellow, do relax, what was obvious to all other readers, is that at the time there was no panic about the Bird-Flu virus, as it is at this time.

    If there had been I am certain that Hitchcock would have used the subject for another horror masterpiece.

    Thank you for your comments though.

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