Bird-Flu Turkey Factory Farm faces Business Disaster

Bernard Matthews (he of the Bird-Flu inflicted Turkey “Factory Farm” fame) is facing a fight for business survival.

Aww what a shame.

I suppose bad Karma does kick ass sooner or later!

Letting all those Turkeys live in the hellish conditions, through out their short miserable lives, must have some consequences.

Bernard Matthews - Arch Poisoner

Apparently the problem with the company became apparent as the true cost of the bird flu crisis was revealed.

(This even though the British Tax Payer paid Bernard Matthews in full, for all the Turkeys that had died of the Bird-Flu virus at his “factory farm” after the out break of the virus)

The crisis has wiped £42m off the value of the company, sending the business crashing into the red for the first and only time in its history.

Accounts released yesterday by Companies House reveal Bernard Matthews Holdings made a pre-tax loss of £25.9m in 2006, compared with a profit of £22.2m a year earlier.

The accounts show that sales and profits had fallen sharply even before the bird flu outbreak in February, with the company hit by the Turkey Twizzlers controversy involving celebrity chef Jamie Oliver.

But the impact of the bird flu crisis has pushed the company to the brink, forcing the directors to reduce the value of the company by £42m, because of falling sales and rising costs this year.


Are you a worker with the company in fear for your future?

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