Disturbing Chick Pix

Some Disturbing Chick Pix from Danny Gilleland, who is a is a staff photographer for the Telegraph, working in the Houston/Peach office.

Here is an excerpt from his blog, link for which is listed below:

We did a story in June of 2006 on bird flu. I went to a Macon County chicken farm to get some chicken house art.

Being in a building with 27,000 baby chicks is a strange experience.

Guess not the oddest situation I have been in for a photograph, but still freakie.

Had to put on paper coveralls, covers over my feet, and a mask.

This was for the chickens’ protection, not mine. Hmmmm.

Standard protective measures to prohibit the spread of bird flu.

Standing in there with 54,000 little beady eyes following you around, the hearing thousands of peeps and breathing the heavy air.

Great idea for Stephen King….the photographer trips and falls and is devoured by tiny raptors.




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