More Bird-Flu in Indonesia!

Yet another Bird-Flu victim in Indoneisa

Now a 9 years old girl called Widya Rahmadai  is hospitalised as a Bird-Flu patient!

(we bloggers love to get the names of the victims – it makes us feel like we are real providers of news !)

Via ANTARA News:

A patient of the Sagulung regional general hospital in Batam has been referred to the Batam Authority hospital for intensive treatment as she was suspected of having been infected with the bird flu virus.

“We are afraid Widya is suffering from bird flu and therefore we have referred her to the Batam Authority hospital for intensive treatment,” the director of the Sagulung hospital, Dr Nenden Siti Komariah, said here on Tuesday.

Dr Nenden worried Widya Rahmadai (9) was infected with the birdflu virus because a chicken had suddenly died near her home.

She said Widya from Kampung Ponjen, Tanjungriau, was first brought to a polyclinic for fever but a medical examination showed the fever was not a common one.

She said she had already reported the case to the local health service for the government to take measures.



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