Bird-Flu, a virus with Intelligence?

Yet another Indonesian Child infected with Bird-Flu.H5n1

There it is again. 

That drip drip of this slow motion pandemic.

The bestseller Science Fiction novel Dune, by Frank Herbert, features a personal shield that can protect a warrior against all weapons.

There is one weakness in that shield however.

If a weapon is wielded very slowly, it can get past the shield and kill the warrior.

Seems to me, that this slow motion, Bird-Flu virus is doing exactly that.

It is trying to get past the human defences, by killing only a few people at a time, rather than in a mass killing spree.

This way, the humans are not overly concerned about a “pandemic” and some of us even believe that there is no real danger from such a virus.

In the mean time, the virus keeps killing slowly but regularly.

Each year the virus spreads to more countries, than the year before and kills more people, than in the year before.

But not too many countries and not too many people.

After all it is not a pandemic is it?

So here is news of yet another Indonesian Child infected with Bird-Flu, which as we know, is not a pandemic.

According to ANTARA News a three-year-old boy hospitalised in Jakarta has been confirmed as the 111th human bird flu case in Indonesia, the nation worst hit by the virus, a health ministry official said Monday.

Two tests were both positive so the boy is now the 111th confirmed bird flu case,” said Suharda Ningrum, from the ministry’s bird flu information centre.

Eighty-nine of the 111 cases in Indonesia have been fatal.

Ningrum said that the boy from Tanggerang, a satellite city just west of the capital, first showed symptoms usually associated with bird flu on October 22 but was only admitted to hospital on Saturday.

“The boy is still being treated there and reports showed that his condition was good,” Ningrum told AFP, without elaborating.

She said that the boy had been in contact with chickens which later died suddenly. Contact with infected birds is the usual way that humans contract the virus. Two other children from Tanggerang have died of bird flu this month.

Here is an interesting post re Intelligent Viruses: 



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