Political Correctness from the UN Bird-Flu Boss?

In an example of political correctness gone mad, the UN’s top official on bird flu has praised heightened levels of transparency in Asian countries over cases of the disease!

“To have information promptly is the ultimate goal,” said David Nabarro, the UN’s senior system coordinator for avian and human influenza.”We believe that just about every country is giving us that information promptly,” regarding bird flu cases and human cases of the H5N1 virus, he told journalists.

UN Bird-Flu Boss – David Nabarro

Dr Nabarro highlighted Indonesia, the country worst hit so far by bird flu, for its transparency in alerting global health authorities to any new cases.”The government of Indonesia tells the world when it has problems,” Nabarro said.


Over the years that I have followed the slow but sure growth of the H5N1 out of South East Asia, I have never heard any one being more economical with the truth, than Dr David Nabarro, the UN boss for all things Bird-Flu, in his above mentioned interview!

Dr. Nabarro’s apparently politically correct, but totally misleading remarks above, show to us all what a politician has to do these days to deal with different countries and remain in his place of power.

We have recently experienced the “she-had-bird flu” and then “she-did-not-have-bird-flu” fiasco involving no less than the Health Minister of Indonesia.

I t is well known that hospital staff and other medical personal in Indonesia can now face instant dismissal or worse, if they talk to any one who is likely to pass on the information regarding an infection, or a suspected infection of the H5N1 virus to the Foreign press.

Only the authorities decide when and if any such information is to be made public. 

Contacts in that country who are too scared to talk about it openly, say that there have been several large “clusters” of human victims of the H5N1 virus, in different parts of the country in the recent months.

No information about these has been made public.

It is due to the ludicrous way that the UN and the WHO have been dealing with this virus inflicted country, that the things have been getting from bad to worse.

Any pandemic that starts in Indonesia, is not going to remain only in that country, but will most probably effect all of us, no matter where we live.

So this potential viral time bomb involves every country in the world.

Should the world not treat Indonesia as a country in this case really and actively hiding Biological Weapons of Mass Destruction and act accordingly?





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