Flu Pandemic in Slow Motion

It is as if we are watching a pandemic in slow motion.

What we have right now is not the “normal viral Pandemic mode”, resulting in a large number of human fatalities, during a limited period of time.

Instead, there has been a regular drip drip of people dying of the virus almost every week, over the last 4 years or so.

Every now and then, one Government Agency or the other issues a warning, that there is a “real risk of a global pandemic breaking out”.

In response, the global media creates huge bold headlines of the warning, each media source often adding a bit of spice to the said announcement.

This is followed by a few “anti-panic-journalists” who (and I kid you not) offer bets to any one who will take the bet, that there will be no such pandemic!

After a few days the headlines are focused on the next political or commercial crises, or may be a juicy kidnap story and the threat of a viral outbreak is forgotten by all, accept a few bloggers -such as this blog:)- who are apparently obsessed by the Bird-Flu virus.

Every now and then, there is a bold declaration from the Health Minster or a Prime Minister of a country, stating that their country is now “bird-Flu-Free”.

A few weeks later there is yet another outbreak of the virus in that very country.

In the mean time people keep on dying.

Little children seem to be a favourite of this killer virus.

After each of these deaths, there is a flurry of activity from the media, trying to get as much detailed information about the victim as possible.

It seems that the Bird-Flu Blogs vie with each other, to try and get the name of the victim out in public domain before any one else does.

This, even though the authorities and presumably the parents of the child do not wish for the name of their child be made public and provide only the initials of the name of the child.

But then I suppose the Bird-Flu Blogs need to have some kind of a scoop.

Another death of a child fron the Bird-Flu virus is hardly a new story now a days.

So now I have to report another such story.

There is yet another child victim of this Bird-Flu virus as reported by Reuters.

According to an official of the Health Ministry of Indonesia, a toddler from Tangerang, west of the capital Jakarta, has died of bird flu.

The four-year-old girl died on Monday after being admitted to hospital two days earlier, health ministry spokeswoman Lili Sulistyowati said by telephone.

The little girl, who had been suffering from fever, died after being transferred to Persahabatan hospital in Jakarta.

Apparently the officials were still investigating the case, but four chickens had previously died in the girl’s neighbourhood, another official at the ministry’s bird flu centre said.

Why were we not told of the fact that a toddler had indeed been admitted to the hospital in Indonesia with the dangerous viral infection?

We do not know.

I await with baited breath, for the Big Bird-Flu Blogs to tell me the little child’s name however.





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