Can a Vaccine give you Bird-Flu?

Vaccines are a Billion Dollar global business.

It is obvious therefore, that all kinds of interests, other than just those interested in the health care of the public would get involved in the production, legalization and the distribution of vaccines. 

There are a large number of commercial interests pushing vaccines for viruses that have not even manifested them selves, to the delight of many Government leaders who can use the purchase of huge quantities of vaccines as proof of their passion for the health needs of their voting public.

Of course, such large amounts of money also attracts corruption, with some unscrupulous Government officials using the purchase of huge quantities of vaccines to fill their own coffers.

Then there are religious and community leaders in Africa and elsewhere, who believe that the vaccines produced by the West are in fact the cause of the viruses and should not be used by their people.

Amazingly some of the  above community leaders  from places like Africa could well be right in a way!

The following relates to the Polio vaccine, but the same can also apply to the vaccines for Bird Flu and other highly infectious viruses.
Imagen del UNICEF
Like most vaccines, the oral polio vaccine contains a weakened version of polio virus.

Children who have been vaccinated pass the virus into the water supply.

Other children who then play in or drink that water pick up the vaccine’s virus, which gives them some protection against polio.

But in very rare instances, as the virus passes through un-immunized children, it can mutate into a form that is dangerous enough to spark new outbreaks.

That happened for the first time in 2001, when 22 children were paralyzed in the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

Subsequent vaccine-caused polio outbreaks have occurred in the Philippines, Madagascar, China and Indonesia.

Experts say these types of outbreaks only happen when not enough children are vaccinated. In northern Nigeria, only about 39 percent of children are fully protected against polio.

In 2003, some Islamic leaders brought a temporary halt to the vaccine campaign, saying that it was a Western conspiracy to sterilise Muslim women, causing polio to jump to 12 new countries in 18 months.

Cover up by the WHO and the CDC?

According to a report by AP, the WHO and CDC who have known about the Nigerian outbreak since last year, have been accused of a cover up.

In fact Dr. David Heymann, WHO’s top polio official, said that because WHO considered the Nigerian outbreak to be an “operational” issue, it was unnecessary to share the information beyond its scientific committees.

CDC’s Kew said added: “The people who are against immunization may seize on anything that could strengthen their position, even if it’s scientifically untenable.”Photo shows several vials of a new antiviral drug, peramivir.

Rumors are still rife among Nigerians that the vaccine is unsafe, and several religious leaders continue to lecture on its dangers.

If there is another mass vaccine boycott that unleashes the virus further, that could derail the global eradication effort for good.

There has been an ongoing debate about the vaccination of all of the domestic poultry in Indonesia and other countries, against a possible Bird Flu virus.

The polio vaccine experience could well be vital to the above debate and the WHO and the CDC are foolish at best, to try and hide these facts from the world.



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