Brits learn from Bernard Matthews Bird-Flu Outbreak?

“Avian influenza lessons learned report published”!

The British Department for Environment, Food And Rural Affairs (DEFRA) has today published the lessons learned from the report following the outbreak of H5N1 highly pathogenic avian influenza in Suffolk in February this year.

You remember, the Bernard Matthews Bird Flu outbreak in his factory farm in Suffolk England.

So I suppose the two main lessons from the Barnard Matthews Bird Flu outbreak would be:

1. Hold no one responsible for any wrong doing what so ever. Pretend that the virus arrived from no where.

2. Not only that, pay lots of money to the company where the Bird Flu outbreak started for having to kill the birds that had been infected by the virus for which no one was responsible. 

3. While the above policy is carried out let the Government Minister mutter some thing about being “uncomfortable” about it all, for any future deniability that may be needed.

Bernard Matthews - Arch Poisoner

Image Credit Chris Shipton

The above points are thought to be a “given” in the future policy of UK.

There are some other space filling and time wasting stuff that can be seen here:



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