Eight Indonesian suspected bird flu patients hospitalised

Eight Indonesian suspected bird flu patients hospitalisedThe Bird-Flu toll seems to keeps growing and growing in Indonesia!May be because of all the criticism of the Indonesian Government for the secrecy and lack of any information related to the progress of the H5N1 virus, today we have an unusual announcement from Indonesia.

The Vietnam News Agency is reporting that Eight suspected bird flu patients were admitted on October 7, to the Adam Malik hospital in the North Sumatran city of Medan.

The hospital spokesman Nur Rasyid Lubis said that the conditions of six of the patients had improved while that of the two others, including a pregnant woman and a three-year old toddler, remained serious.

a journalist in mask and gloves interviews two others

Professor Luhur Suroso, at Medan’s Adam Malik Hospital.

Lubis added that there were no indications that the eight patients had bird flu because their conditions were improving.
“We are still waiting for laboratory test results to determine whether they are bird flu positive or not,” Nur Rasyid was quoted as saying.Meanwhile, a 44-year-old Indonesian woman who died on October 6 in Riau province of Sumatra Island was positively infected by avian influenza, bringing the country’s death toll from the disease to 87







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