What is the source of the Bird-Flu outbreak in Canada?

It is still not clear as to how and from where the current H7N3 virus has arrived in the “Chicken Farming” communities in the Regina region of Canada.

Regina situated at the dot

There are those who point the finger at the migrating birds, bringing with them the killer virus.

Most experts seem to be of the opinion however, that the horrendous conditions that prevail in the factory farming of chickens and other poultry, would sooner or later result in the mutation of a number of different viruses.

They point to the recent British Bird Flu outbreak, in the Barnard Matthews Turkey Factory Farm, said to have been caused by the very conditions that exist in such factory farms.

Forced unnatural growth rates for the poultry, as well as cramped and filthy living conditions on the factory farm, can become super incubators for the viruses, resulting in rapid mutations in the virus DNA structure.  

Today’s meat chickens have been genetically altered to grow twice as fast, and twice as large as their ancestors.

Pushed beyond their biological limits, hundreds of millions of chickens die every year before reaching slaughter weight at 6 weeks of age.

The above problem is even bigger and worse in the US Factory Poultry Farming and is considered by many, as a biological time bomb waiting to go off!

In the mean time, the virus seems to be spreading to other nearby farms in the effected area.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has put another Saskatchewan chicken farm under quarantine, “as a precautionary measure.”

The small farm affected by the decision on Friday, is less than three kilometres away from Pedigree Poultry, a much larger operation just north of Regina, where officials confirmed on Thursday they had found a strain of avian influenza.

The CFIA said the quarantine measures are standard given the close proximity of the two farms. It said the 20 chickens tested on what the agency calls a “small backyard operation” have shown no signs of disease.

According to a report by CBC, more than 50,000 chickens at the Pedigree Poultry operation near Regina Beach were to be killed and all equipment thoroughly sanitized.






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