Bird-Flu returns to Bangladesh

Bird-Flu in Bangladesh, again.

As if Bangladesh did not have enough problems with floods, crop failure with poverty levels that can not even be imagined by the western minds, the dreaded Bird-Flu virus has decided to pay a return visit to the impoverished country.

United News of Bangladesh (UNB) reports that nearly 6,000 chickens were culled at Sahapur village in Sadar sub-district in Bangladesh’s northwestern Bogra district, 170 km of capital Dhaka Tuesday night, following the detection of avian influenza virus in a poultry farm.

According to UNB, that on Wednesday, Nakul Saha, owner of the poultry farm, took several dead chickens for laboratory test on suspicion that they might have died of bird flu. It said that the laboratory test confirmed that the chickens had died of avian influenza.

This is a second outbreak of the H5N1 virus in Bangladesh during 2007.

The avian influenza virus was first detected in a poultry farm in Savar, 25 km west of the Dhaka in March this year. Laboratory test results showed the existence of influenza virus of H5N1 variety. Tens of thousands of poultry birds were culled.



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