Two Indonesian Children hospitalised as suspected Bird-Flu Patients.

The province of Riau in Indonesia seems to have once again become the scene of an outbreak of the Bird Flu virus.

According to ANTARA, the premier Indonesian news agency, two children aged under five years of age, were admitted to Arifin Achmad General Hospital  on Sunday night as suspected bird flu patients.

The two children, only identified by their initials as AZ and M, were being treated in the hospital`s isolated room, Doctor Azizman Saad, chief of the hospital`s bird flu control team, said on Monday.

One year old AZ had previously been treated at Awal Bross Hospital for three days.

However, since her body temperature did not decline she was later referred to Arifin Achmad Hospital, he said.

Meanwhile, the four year old was brought by his parents to the hospital shortly after his body temperature rose, the Doctor said.

The two were declared suspected bird flu patients and were treated in the hospital`s isolated room, Dr Saad said.

The body temperatures of the two suspected bird flu patients had steadily dropped, said the Doctor, adding that AZ`s body temperature dropped to 37 from 38 degrees Celsius and M`s body temperature fell to 36 from 39 degree Celsious.

Doctor Saad said that based on the preliminary results of a rapid test, AZ tested negative and M tested positive for bird flu.

   Siti Fadilah Supari, the Indonesian Health Minister



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