Bird-Flu Pandemic an alarming video, dedicated to Michael Fumento.

A frightening (and alarmist?) look at the possible future for us all, if the Bird-Flu becomes a Human Flu Pandemic from the BBC:

The above is specially selected for a Mr Michael Fumento, who writes for the Spectator.

In his recent article in the Spectator, “One Flew Over the Bird Flu’s Nest” Mr Fumento had listed many “alarmist” works related to the Bird-Flu virus, from a number of “panic purveyors”.

He seemed to have missed the above offering from the BBC.

So I thought that I should point out this most alarmist of the works, for one of his future articles.

For some reason Mr Fumento keeps on having a go at Crawford Kilian who writes at .

I find that very strange, as unlike many of us “bird flu bloggers”, Crawford is a very low key writer and a gentle soul at that.

Mr Fumento may want to try and find the no doubt deeeeeep seated reasons, for these repeated attacks on the Professor.

In the mean time do enjoy the video.


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