Bird-Flu Video Cast – Of Mice and Men

A fascinating video lecture by Kanta Subbarao addressing the H5N1 virus, its origins, its development over the years and the global preparedness against a possible pandemic.

Kanta Subbarao

Kanta is one of those silent behind the scene warriors, fighting the never ending fight with the viruses.

Kanta did excellent work at the CDC, where her laboratory did pioneering work in characterizing H5N1 influenza viruses from the 1997 outbreak in Hong Kong and developing candidate H5N1 virus vaccines.

Kanta is currently a Senior Investigator in the Respiratory Viruses Section in the Laboratory of Infectious Diseases, NIAID.

Her current research is focused on understanding avian influenza A virus and SARS infections in mouse and man and in developing effective vaccines and passive vaccination strategies.

The lecture is orgnised by The Immunology Interest Group (IIG) and is addressed to the professionals from the immunological community. 

While the fairly long lecture (over 56 Minutes, including Q&A at the end) is addressed to a scientific audience and goes in to the technical problems related to the H5N1, Kanta is also able to speak to the average person, who has followed the development of the Bird Flu.

An average person interested in the Bird Flu may not be able to follow all of the fairly technical lecture, but there is enough really interesting information for any of us who care to sit through the video cast.


The Immunology Interest Group


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