Should it Not be called Bird-Flu anymore?

Tens of Millions of birds of all kind, as well as domestic poultry have been killed around the world because of the Bird-Flu.

These unfortunate birds were not not even suffering from the Bird-Flu virus.

They were in fact not sick at all.

Millions and millions of the birds were killed, just-in-case.

Just-in-case, they had the Bird-Flu virus, or may be they could be infected with the virus, some time in the future.

Some people were worried that these birds could be carrying the virus in a dormant form and this dormant virus could mutate in their body, to a form of the virus that is much more virulent and could even become a human virus.

The wild birds and the domestic poultry were killed just in case they turned in to “mutation chambers” for the H5N1 virus.

The problem is that the Bird-Flu virus has been infecting all kinds of other creatures, in addition to the birds for a while now.

The H5N1 or the Bird-Flu virus has been found in a large number of mammals, ranging from domestic cats, dogs etc, to wild rodents, foxes, bats and even Tigers!

Unlike wild birds, that are frequently found dead where they can be seen by people and can be tested for the virus, wild animals in the bush can not. 


So why is it that when talking about the “wild” repository of the H5N1 virus, every one mentions only the wild birds?

Surely small infected mammals of all kinds in the wild are much more likely to NOT be found dead out in the open, as birds often are.

bat bearing teeth

These wild victims of the H5N1 virus and those animals who feed upon them, would not be easily noticed by us and therefore would be more suitable as “mutation chambers”.

As we now know, the Bird-Flu virus has mutated already, it is now allowing limited human to human infection to take place.

I believe that it may not be a bad idea, to in fact change the name of this virus at this time, from the Bird-Flu virus, to some thing else.

 Any suggestions?


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