“STAGE 4” Alert in the WHO Pandemic flu preparedness plan?

We are supposed to be at “STAGE 3” of Current phase of alert in the WHO global influenza preparedness plan!

However, we could even be at “Stage 4” alert, if the news about the confirmation of the human to human infection of the H5N1 from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center is true.

Experts at WHO and elsewhere believe that the world is now closer to another influenza pandemic than at any time since 1968, when the last of the previous century’s three pandemics occurred.

WHO uses a series of six phases of pandemic alert as a system for informing the world of the seriousness of the threat and of the need to launch progressively more intense preparedness activities.

Each phase of alert coincides with a series of recommended activities to be undertaken by WHO, the international community, governments, and industry.

Changes from one phase to another are triggered by several factors, which include the epidemiological behaviour of the disease and the characteristics of circulating viruses.

The world is presently supposed to be in phase 3: a new influenza virus subtype is causing disease in humans, but is not yet spreading efficiently and sustainably among humans.

The problem is, that the news today, of the confirmation of the Human to Human transmission of the H5N1 virus, from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, could well push us to a Stage 4 Alert!





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  1. No this situation in Indonesia is under catagorey 3. Limited being the key word. 4 is increased human 2 human. We will get there soon enough though.

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