Little “Ni Putu” Fights the Bird-Flu while Indonesian Politicians “Haggle” with the WHO.

Another suspected case of human infection with bird flu virus was discovered Friday in Bali, which has been battling the fatal disease since last week.


The one-and-a-half-year-old infant, Ni Putu Aprilia Dewi, is being treated at Sanglah Hospital in Denpasar.


So, yet another Indonesian child gets the Bird-Flu.


I wish this would stop!


During all this time the silly politicians in Indonesia, are “haggling” with the WHO for the tissue samples of the Indonesian  victims of the  Bird-Flu.


To them it does not seem to matter that little kids are dying one after the other in their country.


Four times Indonesia has agreed to share samples of the bird flu virus with the World Health Organisation.


Each time the politicians in Jakarta have reneged on the deal.


The World Health Organisation recently singled out Indonesia as the only country in the world not sharing samples of the virus. 



World Health Organization

David Heymann, the WHO’s assistant director-general for communicable diseases said that he was concerned that by not sharing samples Jakarta was putting its own population at risk.

If the strains were not passed to the pharmaceutical firms, subsequent vaccines would fail to cover elements of the Indonesian infections.

On behalf of little Ni Putu and other children, we request Madam Supari, the Indonesian Health Minister, to please reconsider her policy of withholding the tissue samples, of the growing number of the Bird-Flu fatalities from her country.


Siti Fadilah Supari

Indonesian Health Minister




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