Mystery Death In Uzbekistan, Food Poisoning or Bird-Flu?

People of Uzbekistan love a wedding.

The wedding parties, with a whole lot of eating, drinking and merry making, can last for days.


The guests at a party held recently in the town of Asaka, in Andijan Region however, are anything but happy.

It seems that a dish prepared from chicken drumsticks at a wedding party in Asaka has made about 40 people very ill.

One of the unfortunate guests who had consumed the chicken drumsticks, has reportedly died.

Only one case of death has been made public so far.

The effected persons are being cared at the Asaka town hospital.

In order to take all the poisoned people, the administration of the Asaka town hospital had to organise additional beds.

A doctor, who is looking after the patients, said that the symptoms of their illness were similar to those of bird flu.

“It is not clear what actually happened here in Asaka” said the doctor.

“It is still a mystery” he said.




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