India Awaits the Bird-Flu Sample Results for 4 Children.

The Government of India says that the recent outbreak of the Bird-flu virus is now under control.

“The outbreak appears to have been localised,” said Upma Chawdhry, joint secretary in the federal Animal Husbandry Department, adding that teams were sanitising poultry farms, including destroying egg trays and disinfecting coops.

Manipur borders Myanmar, Burma and Bangladesh. 

All of these countries have reported outbreaks of bird flu.

Myanmar is seen as a potential blackhole in the global fight against avian influenza, given its rudimentary health infrastructure and its secretive regime.

However, state authorities were monitoring the health of four children, with fever and Flu like symptoms.

 The children had apparently handled dead or sick fowl while playing in the neighbourhood.

 The State Government has sent their blood and throat swab samples for testing to a speicialist Federal laboratary.

India had two major outbreaks last year in its western region — both of which were successfully contained.

Officials said they were also investigating the deaths of about 120 chickens in Mizoram state, which neighbours Manipur in addition to Burma and Bangladesh.

Chawdhry said the deaths (in Mizoraam) seemed to be due to the fowl pox viral disease but added that authorities were not any taking chances as the dead chickens were just 10 km from the Myanmar border. 

This situation is under careful watch,” she said.



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