Deadly Bird-Flu H5N1 Strain returns to France.

On Sunday night, the dreaded Bird-Flu Virus appeared in France again.

Two swans were found dead Sunday night not far from the location where three swans were killed by the H5N1 virus earlier this month.

The swans were found in a lake at Diane Capelle, in the Moselle region, 9 kilometres from where three swans died of bird flu in early July.

Three swans were killed by the H5N1 strain in Moselle at the start of July – the first such outbreak in France in more than a year.

The French government subsequently raised its alert level to “high”, meaning that birds and poultry in mainland France have had to be locked up or protected by nets to avoid all contact with wild birds.

Moselle’s prefecture extended measures to protect domestic fowl from wild birds that had been put in place after the first case of swan deaths, the statement said.

A wild bird in eastern Germany tested positive for the disease this month. Last month, several wild birds in neighboring Bavaria and Saxony also tested positive.

The H5N1 strain has been found in poultry farms in three other EU countries this year: Hungary, Britain and the Czech Republic.

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