Pig Disease kills People and Bird-Flu kills Ducks, In Bird-Flu-Free Vietnam!

It was only last week that Vietnam was busy declaring its provinces “Bird-Flu-Free”.

The criterion for this Bird-Flu-Free status was the completely illogical “no infection in any 21 consecutive days” rule.

How did this rule come about?

Who was responsible for this ruling?

Does the World Health Organisation agree with this totally mad criterion?

If not then why is there a deafening silence from all concerned about this rule?

Discounting the main line press and the scare mongering blogs, why no comments on this subject from the two Top bird flu blogs, Effect Measure and Crawford Kilian’s H5N1 blog?

The arbitrary 21 day ruling for a virus such as the H5N1 is nothing more than a political and commercial con trick, seemingly backed by the WHO and other such institutions. CSIRO science is being used to help protect Vietnam's pig population from disease.

In the mean time the “Bird-Flu Free Vietnam” is now rife with the H5N1 virus, “killing hundreds of ducks at a farm at the weekend” according to the Vietnam Government.

In addition to the above, two people have died in northern Vietnam from a pig disease while another virus has been killing thousands of pigs in recent weeks in the central region, government and media reports said on Monday.

On Sunday, the state-run Vietnam Television said that pig raisers in Quang Nam province had thrown hundreds of dead pigs into a local river, causing serious water pollution near the UNESCO-recognised tourist town of Hoi An.

The Pig-Disease-Free criterion (as to how many days without a new infection of the Pig-Disease would make Vietnam Pig-Disease-Free) is not known as yet.

Email inquiries regarding the Pig-Disease-Free criterion to the World Health Organisation have not received a reply.

As previously mentioned in this blog, this panic to be perceived as Bird-flu-Free, is due to the pressures from the local tourism and other commercial interests.

The idea behind the declaration of Vietnam or part of Vietnam as “Bird-flu-Free”, is really an assurance by the Government of Vietnam to the importers of poultry and other related goods from Vietnam, that there is no possibility of any contamination of its poultry with the H5N1 virus.

The same assurance is implied in this declaration by the Government of Vietnam, that it is 100% safe for you and I to bring our children to Vietnam for their holiday.


Vietnam’s president Nguyen Minh Triet

Here are links to two news items related to the above:




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