Bird-Flu Factory-Farm Silver, for Olympic Swimming Legend, Sharron Davies

Bird-Flu Factory Farm Silver, for Olympic Swimming Legend, Sharron Davies

Since the Bird-Flu virus was discovered at one of Bernard Matthews’ turkey farms in Suffolk, England, in the beginning of this year, the ‘bootiful’ Bernard has been accused of a variety of sins.

 He was lambasted for keeping birds in horrible overcrowded conditions and for producing cheap meat for a quick buck.

An animal welfare charity called for a Government inquiry into the poultry industry after a court heard that two members of the staff at a Bernard Matthews plant played “baseball” with live turkeys.

Turkey catchers Daniel Palmer, 27, and Neil Allen, 30, both of Dereham, Norfolk, were secretly filmed hitting birds with a pole at the Bernard Matthews plant in Haveringland, Norfolk.

Both admitted ill treatment and were ordered to carry out 200 hours of community service.

However, after an investigation in to the Bird-Flu outbreak, the British Government’s Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) found that the Bernard Matthews Turkey Factory Farm had not broken any laws.

To make matters worse, the British Tax Payer had to fork up the money to compensate the Bernard Matthews Turkey Factory Farm for the “loss of the infected Turkeys”.

The British Members of Parliament “reacted with anger after the government confirmed Bernard Matthews will get nearly £600,000 compensation for healthy birds slaughtered following the avian flu outbreak”.

The British House of Commons leader Jack Straw told MPs “All of us are uncomfortable about the reports of high levels of compensation to Mr Matthews’ firm.”

Obviously, the Bird-Flu out break in his Turkey Factory Farm has created a disastrous Public Relations situation for the company.

So now, in an attempt to boost sales in the wake of the notorious bird flu outbreak in the Turkey Factory Farm the Olympic Swimming Legend Sharron Davies MBE, is to be roped in to try and promote the Bernard Matthews Turkey Factory Farm. 

The 43-year-old BBC swimming presenter and former Olympic medallist is a celebrity and a role model for young girls every where.

We have no doubt that she will visit the Turkey Factory Farm to see for herself, as to how the unfortunate birds are kept there before accepting this PR task.

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