Bird-Flu back again, in Bird-Flu-Free Vietnam!!!

The Government of Vietnam has been declaring parts of the country Bird-Flu-Free, using a criterion which is deceptive and misleading at best.

Under this totally illogical criterion, any country or a province of a country, is “recognized as officially bird flu-free” if no new cases of the H5N1 virus have been discovered in any 21 consecutive days.

As previously mentioned in this blog, this panic to be perceived as Bird-flu-Free, is due to the pressures from the local tourism and other commercial interests.

The idea behind the declaration of Vietnam or part of Vietnam as “Bird-flu-Free”, is really an assurance by the Government of Vietnam to the importers of poultry and other related goods from Vietnam, that there is no possibility of any contamination of its poultry with the H5N1 virus.


Vietnam’s president Nguyen Minh Triet 

The same assurance is implied in this declaration by the Government of Vietnam, that it is 100% safe for you and I to bring our children to Vietnam for their holiday.

Therefore, when after all these declarations by the Government, there is an outbreak of the H5N1 virus in the areas declared to have been Bird-Flu Free by the Government of Vietnam, then I believe that the Government of Vietnam could be held liable for such deceptive statements and declarations.

What is worse the World Health Organisation has remained silent on this very important matter, giving the impression that the WHO is complicit in the above deception.

So it came to pass, that the Dong Thap province of Vietnam, which had recently been declared as Bird-Flu-free by the Government of Vietnam, is now once again infested with the Bird-Flu Virus.

Vietnam’s Animal Health Department announced Wednesday 18th July 2007, that H5N1 virus has returned in the Dong Thap province, infecting and killing domestic poultry.

The avian flu still plagues six provinces including Bac Giang, Thai Binh, Ca Mau, Ninh Binh, Dien Bien, and Dong Thap.  

If the WHO is to retain any credibility whatsoever with the people around the world, it needs to address this madness immediately.

 Here is a link to the news item from Thanh Nien News:


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